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Hello!!! This page of mine has been mostly picture based in the past, with few words/descriptions/explanations at all. This will change. I will be updating my Homepage more often and add a few new things as well. Well, I borrowed the digital camera from work, and took some new pictures of my snakies and my new car. New to me at least. I'll also have more pictures in here of friends, work, BMW's, hedgehogs, hockey, pokemon, snakes, snowboarding, ska, me and other nifty stuff. -Chris

Links to my various interests:
-Cool Beans (Me)

-Cool Beans Snowboarding

-Cool Beans Cornsnakes

-Cool Beans Critters (Hedgehogs)

-Cool Beans Cartoons (Robotech/Macross-Pokemon-Dragonball Z)

-Cool Beans Cards (Magic:The Gathering-Pokemon)

-Cool Beans Cars (BMW)

-Various Other Cool Beans Stuff (links)

Mail me here!!! Mail me here!
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