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Catherine Isabella Latin bio

Charles Conklin Hart desc. chart

Isaac Conley - Birth Date: Cir: 1745

Birth Place: Scotland

Hart Reunion Photos

Mary Hart


Steven Hart to Prince William

Reunion 2001

Cesare Bumpus Generaux Flores& Dante Bumpus Generaux Flores, grandsons of Margot Bumpus Generaux. In background is Shona Enders, Falena Bumpus Enders' daughter, Nana Bumpus Crane's granddaughter

Hart Reunion Overview

Marlow Samuel Bumpus with wife, Karen

The Hart-Bumpus group [will attach names later]

Hart-Bumpus group...again

Falena Enders, George Bumpus & wife Chandra, Karen, Marlow's wife, Logan DeLeon Bumpus, Dave Hart, Monique Bumpus Generaux Flores

Falena Enders, Monique Flores

Harts & related families

Shona Enders

Dante Flores, Shona Enders

Cesare Flores & Shona Enders
Samuel Bumpus Company G
Bumpus Ancestors
Bumpus, Frederick: Message
Bumpus, Frederick: 1870 Census
Bumpus Ancestors
Bumpus, Frederick: 1870 Census
Bumpus, Reuben: Message Board
Bumpus, Samuel

Samuel Bumpus, Union Soldier


Dillon, Matthew
Lattin [military]
Lattin Message Board

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