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BUMPUS ANCESTORS Updated 7/10/2004

1. EDOUAD BOMPASSE was born Abt. 1603 in England or Holland , and died February 03, 1692/93 in Marshfield MA .

Edouad Bompasse, [Edward Bumpas], as he was called in the Plymouth Colony, was the first of his name, and the only of his name, as far as can be found, to arrive in this country. The name has taken on various spellings as follows: Bump, Bumpass, Bumpas, Bumpers, Bumps, Bump, and Bumpus. Edouad came as a young man on the ship Fortune, the first ship after the Mayflower. The ship Fortune arrived at Plymouth, now Massachusetts, on Nov 10 1621.

The Bompasse name is probably of French origin, possibly Huguenot. The old Norman and French name Bonpas, literally translate to mean ‘goodstep’ [the phrase is used to mean ‘good job’], is an aristocratic name in Europe. The Bonpas family originated in Perpignam in the extreme southwestern portion of France, near the Mediterranean. The name probably came to England with the Normans and again with the Huguenots. Bumpus also exists as a name derived from Boneboz in Normandy, a Fief held from the Earls of Mellent.

One source of information states that Edouad Bompasse was born in 1605 in St. Bartholomew Parish, London, England, died 3 Feb 1693 Marshfield, Plymouth County MA. Edouad Bompasse was probably a member of the Protestants who fled from Holland to Amsterdam. He was reportedly with the Pilgrims in Leyden, Holland and probably went to England with those who returned to England after the first attempt to sail to America failed. Williamson, in his ‘Saints and Strangers’, states that Edouad Bompasse was a saint and a native Leydender. Leyden was located six or seven miles up the Rhine River and was the spiritual capitol of Protestant Europe.

In 1623 Edouad received one share of land allotment as one of those who came in the Fortune, and in 1627 a share of cattle, indicating he was unmarried. He sold his acre of land on the north side of town in 1628 and was granted 20 acres of land at Duxbury Bay where he settled and built a house and palisado. In March of 1634/45, when the boundaries of Marshfield were laid out, his property was included. He is included in the 1643 list of men of Marshfield able to bear arms. Sometime before Sept 1645, he sold his property to Solomon Lenner.

Edouad or Edward, as he was now called, was one of the original proprietors of Middleboro where his son, Joseph, settled. He was also a partner in Dartmouth lands. On July 15 1653. Edmond Chandler of Duxbury exchanged his rights in lands in Satuchquett for Edward’s lands and rights in Cushenet and Coaksett. He was on the jury in 1654 and 1655 and in 1657 ‘took the oath of fidelity as of the town of Duxbury ’. After 1656 he seems to have lost control of his properties and, through the lack of cooperation in the family, he and Hannah were to some extent dependant on the community for their well-being. Although he and his sons, as first-born in the colony, were eligible for grants, they did not take advantage of their position.

In the next generation, several branches of the family prospered and left good estates. It was customary in those days, during the transfer of property from father to son that the deeds call for the father and mother to be ‘maintained for life’. Deeds between Edward and his sons did not contain this provision. Edward and Hannah had at least 12 children, eight being recorded at Marshfield. In my research, 13 have been indicated. There is some question as to whether Faith is the first child. Some researchers show that she was born in 1630. Others say she may have been a twin to Sarah and that she died at birth or shortly after.

“There is much more that has been written about Edward that I have not included here, much of which is repetitive and speculative. Above are the highlights of what I have found. `Signed, Lynn Albert Bumpus


Marriage: 1628, MA.

Children of EDOUAD BOMPASSE and HANNAH are:

i. FAITH [2] BOMPASSE, b. 1630.

ii. SARAH BOMPASSE, b. March 09, 1630/31.

iii. ELIZABETH BUMPAS, b. March 29, 1633.

iv. JOHN BUMPAS SR. b. June 06, 1636, Marshfield MA: d. March 07, 1714/15, Rochester, MA

v. EDWARD BUMPAS, B. April 15, 1638.

vi. JOSEPH BUMPAS, b. February 15, 1639/40.

vii. ISAAC BUMPAS, b. March 31, 1642.

viii. JACOB BUMPAS, b. March 25, 1644.

ix. HANNAH BUMPAS, b. April 03. 1646.

x. PHILIP BUMPAS, b. Abt 1648.

xi. THOMAS BUMPAS, b. Abt 1650.

xii. MARY BUMPAS, b Abt 1652.

xiii. SAMUEL BUMPAS, b Abt 1654.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN BUMPAS SR. [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born June 06, 1636 in Marshfield MA, died March 07, 1714/15 in Rochester MA. He married SARAH HUNTER Abt 1670 in Marshfield MA. She was born Unknown in unkn and died Aft. 1710.

John Bumpas SR lived at Scituate in 1676 when Indians burned his home and barn. He moved to Rochester MA before 1685. He also resided at Marshfield MA. His children were born at Scituate MA.He moved to Middleboro from Marshfield and then to Rochester and perhaps again to Middleboro. John took an oath of fidelity at Marshfield in 1657 and made Freeman.

From the Lynn Albert Compilation.


Marriage: Abt 1670, Marshfield MA.

Children of JOHN BUMPUS SR and SARAH HUNTER are:

i. MARY BUMPAS, b. August 28, 1671.

ii. JOHN BUMPAS JR, b. September 28, 1673.

iii. SAMUEL BUMPAS, b. April 30, 1676.

iv. JAMES BUMPAS, b. June 16, 1678.

v. ISAAC BUMPAS, b. March 27, 1681.

vi. ZOAR BUMPAS, b. March 27, 1681.

vii. JOB BUMPAS, b. April 29, 1683.

viii. SARAH BUMPAS, b. September 16, 1685.

ix. EDWARD BUMPAS, b. September 16, 1688, Rochester MA, d. November 14, 1745.

ix. JEREMIAH BUMPAS, b. August 24, 1692.

John’s will was proven June 7 1715. He was a farmer. He did not mention his son Samuel who, had already disappeared to the south nor did he mention his sons Zoar or Jacob. He mentions Job, who went south after his father’s death.

Generation No. 3

3. EDWARD BUMPAS [2] JOHN BUMPAS SR, [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born September 16, 1688 in Rochester MA, and died November 14,1745. He married [1] RHODA BUMP in 1708. There is no record of her birth. She died bef. Feb 28 1717. He married [2] MARTHA RAYMENT or RAYMOND February 28, 1717/18 in Middleboro MA, and daughter of JOHN RAYMOND and MARTHA WOODIN. She was born August 11, 1692 in Middleboro MA, and died Aft. November 17, 1766.


Edward and Martha resided at Wareham MA. He was authorized to call the first town meeting in 1739 and presided as moderator. He was a Juryman in 1743; Edward and Martha joined the new church of Wareham in 1739. He was proprietor of land in Rochester, MA, 1713-14.

Martha, widow of Edward Bumpus joined the Amenia NY church, Nov 17, 1766 [church record]. At the time she was living with her daughter, Loes, who married John Randell and were living in Amenia NY .

The first town meeting of Warham was held Aug 6, 1739. Edward was the Master of Ceremonies at the ordination of the first Minister of the new Church of Warham .’[Rev. Rowland Thatcher, who was ordained Dec. 26, 1739].

In 1734, on the petition of ‘Sundry Bumpases’ Rochester consented to set off its east end to be a Agawan Plantation in the composition of the new town, etc.

(From the compilation of Lynn Albert Bumpus.)


i. DANIEL BUMPAS, b. May 01, 1719.

ii. RACHEL BUMPAS, b. April 20, 1720.

iii. SALATHIEL BUMPAS, b. May 31, 1722.

iv. JOANNA BUMPAS, b. March 17, 1723-24.

v. EDWARD BUMPUS JR. [BUMPAS], b March 22, 1725/26, Rochester, MA; d. 1816.

vi. JAMES BUMPUS, b. December 02, 1727.

vii. ELENER BUMPAS, b. May 08, 1729.

viii. LOES BUMPAS, b. October 06, 1731.

ix. JEDIDIAH BUMPUS, b. November 25, 1732.

Generation No. 4

4. EDWARD BUMPAS JR. (or BUMPUS) [3] EDWARD [2] BUMPAS, JOHN BUMPAS SR, [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born March 22, 1725/26 in Rochester, MA, and died, 1816 at age 90. He married [1] MARIAH BENSON November 24, 1748, daughter of JOSEPH BENSON and JERUSHA ELLIS. She died Bef 1758. He married [2] SUSANNAH DEAN March 08, 1758 in Cornwall Congregational Church, Cornwall, CT, daughter of REUBEN DEAN.

After his second marriage Edward JR moved to Duchess County, NY, according to the Bible record of Salathiel Bump [grandson of Edward]. He died at age 90. He was Hog Reeve at Wareham in 1748. Impressed at Warham on March 4, 1745. French and Indian Wars. Signed the Rev. War Pledge, [History of Amenia N.Y. ]. Joined the Warham Church 1741/43. Dismissed from church to go to Sharon CT. Nov 19,1752 . Purchased land in Sharon CT 1752 and 1756.


i. EDWARD BUMPUS, b. November 15, 1749.

ii. JAMES BUMPUS, b. 1748 – 1858.


iii REUBEN BUMPUS, b. March 22, 1760, Cornwall CT.

The above information is from the Lynn Albert “Bumpus Genealogy Compilation” in which he states: “Copyrights for this documentation have purposely not been applied for. My feeling is that the information contained herein is for the use of any person mentioned or whatsoever is related by bloodline to use, as they wish, for genealogy purposes only, without restriction. LAB 1986”

Most of the following information is based on my personal research. I have attempted to be as through as possible but there may be mistakes as this remains a work in progress.

Marlow Samuel Bumpus

iv. FREDERICK BUMPUS b. May. 1764, Cornwall CT. d. Marion, Madison Co., OH between Sept 1839 when he received his last pension payment and March 1840 when his next pension payment was due. (Per Treasure ledger, vol. G. at Pittsburgh PA. and Pension application dated September 7, 1832 stating Frederick was 68 years of age in may 1832.)

v SARAH BUMPUS, b. Unknown.

Generation No. 5

5. FREDERICK BUMPUS [4] EDWARD BUMPUS JR. [BUMPAS], [3] EDWARD BUMPAS, [2] JOHN BUMPUS SR [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born Bet 1760 and 1770 in Sharon CT. He married CATHERINE who may have been a MARLOW. They were likely married in New York, date unknown.

Frederick’s Residence: 1790 and 1800, Resided Rensselaerville, Albany County , NY. In 1810 He was living in

Spencer, Tioga County, NY just a few miles North of Orwell, Luzern Co, PA where his older brother, Reuben lived. That part of Luzern Co. became Bradford Co. and nearby, just West of Rome, is where Reuben Bumpus and his father in law, Russell Gibbs, founded Bumpville PA. Reuben served 5 hitches in the Rev War. He married Phoebe Gibbs. They had no children

Missy Derrenberger of the Richland Co., OH. Genealogical Society, in a search of the Richland County Courthouse records in 2003 for Frederick Bumpus, found the following records:

Heritage Magazine (article by Maxine Kinton, Jeanne Hillman and Mary Schmotzer) Private, New York State Troops, Listed in Richland Co., OH. Common Please Journal 1834 and 1838, Burried in the Mansfield Cemetery, Madison Twp, Location unknown.

Richland Co. Rev. War Soldiers, Researched by Richard Weaver: Buried in the Mansfield Cemetery per 1940 WPA map, location unknown.

No record of will for Frederick Bumpus.

Three Land Records were found:

V22 was actually Frederick Bumpus Jr. and James Bumpus of Knox Co., OH. Dated 1839

V25 was sale of land by Sharif for judgement against Frederick Bumpus, dated 1842.

V26 was for sale of land in 1843. NW section 15, Twp 20, Range 28. Wife Catherine agreed to sale of land.


i. JOHN D. BUMPUS, b. 1792, Rensselaerville, Albany Co., NY: d. Ruggles, Ashland, OH. He married NANCY BAILEY Mar 17, 1823.

ii. REUBEN BUMPUS, b. Abt 1800, Rensselaerville, Albany, County, NY; d. Sept. 14, 1873, Henry Co., on Poor Farm.

iii.MARIAH BUMPUS, b. June 17, 1803, Rensselaerville, Albany County, NY, d. April 30, 1890 Rockville, Kankakee Co., IL. She married Alexander Mann may 9, 1822. b. 23 April 1789, Huntington Co. PA. d. 25 June 1867, Rockville IL.

iv FREDERICK BUMPUS, Jr. b Bet 1805 – 1810.


vi ISABELLA BUMPUS, b. 1815.

vii JANE BUMPUS’ b. Unknown.

viii EFFIE BUMPUS, b. Unknown. She married Isaac Lane Feb 20, 1823.

ix ELIZABETH BUMPUS, b. Unknown. She married John Fortney, March 3, 1836.

x JAMES BUMPUS, b. Unknown.

Generation No. 6


[3] EDWARD BUMPAS,[2] JOHN BUMPAS SR, and [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born 1795 in

NY, and died in Ruggles, Ashland , OH . He married NANCY BAILEY Mar 17, 1823

Children of JOHN BUMPUS and NANCY BAILEY are:

i. JOSEPH [7] BUMPUS, b. October 25, 1825 , Richland County , OH .

ii. SUSANNAH BUMPUS, b. 1829.

iii. SAMANTHA BUMPUS, b. 1834.

iv. MARIA BUMPUS, b. 1836.


John W Mann b. 30 March 1824 Richland Co OH m. Elizabeth Bloom 1 Jan 1851 Rockville IL

Frederick W Mann b. 22 Feb 1826 OH. m. Ellen d. 27 Aug. 1907 Rockville IL

Ann Mariah Mann b. 1828 OH. m. Albert B Allen, 25 Nov. 1852 Rockville IL.

William A Mann b. 1830, OH.

Isabel Mann b. 1834 OH. m. James Sterling21 May 1853 Will Co IL

Jane Mann died in infancy

Jane Elizabeth Mann b. 1836 OH. m. James Dunderdale 4 OCT 1865 IL.

Melvina Mann b. 8 Oct 1838 Richland Co OH m. Freacis Marion Allen 8 Oct 1858 Rockville IL d. Lynden IL

Catherine Mann b. 1841 OH.

Samuel James Mann b. 1844 Rockville IL. m. Mary McIntosh 22 Jan 1867 d. 1926 Rockville IL

Addison Mann b. 7 April 1846 Rockville IL. m. Sarah E Davidson 29 Jan 1878 Rockville IL

Celestial Mann b. 1850 Rockville IL m. John E McIntosh 9 Feb 1875 Rockville IL

6 REUBEN BUMPUS [5] FREDERICK BUMPUS, [4] EDWARD BUMPUS JR , [BUMPAS], [3] EDWARD BUMPAS, [2] JOHN BUMPUS SR, [1]EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born Abt 1800 in NY, and died September 14, 1873 in Henry County, IN Poor Farm. He married [1] NAME UNKNOWN Bef 1833, who died Bet 1833 –1835 in OH. He married [2] JANE WELLS October 17, 1835 in Richland County, OH. She was born Abt 1815 and the1850 census has her birthplace as OH, Later census has PA. She died before June 1853 in Richland Co., OH.. He married [3] PRICILLA COLBY June 01, 1853 in Richland County, OH. She was born Abt 1829 in OH and died January 28, 1877 in Henry County IN Poor Farm.

Notes for [6] REUBEN BUMPUS:

In a search of the Richland County Courthouse records yields an affidavit by Abraham Hardendorf states, Reuben Bumpus is over 21 and Pricilla Colby is over 18. Census Records, Military Pension records and records held by the DAR, show that Reuben Bumpus Sr. was born in Rensselaerville, Albany Co., NY in 1800. The Henry Co. Indiana Paupers Asylum has his age at death in 1873 as 70. Until I can find a birth record, I will list his birth year as 1800. Vital records of Richland Co, OH. show a marriage between Reuben Bumpus and Jane Wells in 1835. This is the earliest date I can find Reuben’s name in that county. Marriage and census records firmly establish Reuben and Jane Bumpus as the father and mother of Samuel Bumpus b. 1840 as established by the 1850 census record and some later documents I received from the National Archives. The 1850 Census also shows in Reuben’s home, a son, Frederick, born abt 1833, indicating an earlier marriage.

Reuben and Pricilla Bumpus moved the family to Blountsville, Henry County, Indiana in 1856/57.

Blountsville is in the NE corner of Henry County and less than five miles from the farm of N J Hunt in Losentville, Randolph County, Indiana, where 20-year-old Samuel Bumpus was listed as a farm hand in the1860 census.


i. FREDERICK BUMPUS, b. Abt 1833. OH.

Children of REUBEN BUMPUS and JANE WELLS are:

ii. WILLIAM BUMPUS, b Abt 1837.

iii. SAMUEL BUMPUS b. Abt 1840, OH., d. August 13, 1885 , Carthage MO.

iv. EMANUEL BUMPUS, b. Abt 1843.

v. NANCY BUMPUS, b Abt 1847.

vi. MARIA BUMPUS, b. Abt 1853. Maria may have been a child of Pricilla.


vii. MARY BUMPUS, b. Abt 1855.

viii. ISABELLE BUMPUS, b. Abt 1856. She was back in Blountsville in 1870, working as a domestic servant for and living with Keturah Bedwell, 75.

ix. REUBEN BUCANNON BUMPUS, b. Abt 1857, Blountsville, Henry County, Indiana; d. Kansas City, Missouri; m. ANNA E. WILSON, May 31, 1885.

x. BETEY BUMPUS, b. Abt 1858.

xi. EDITH BUMPUS, b Abt 1869, Blountsville, Henry County, Indiana; d. June 09, 1885 , Henry County, Indiana Pauper’s Asylum.

xii. JAMES BUMPUS, b. Abt 1862, Blountsville, Henry County Indiana, d.

May 20, 1920, Henry County Indiana Pauper’s Asylum.

(James is probably the “Uncle” James Bumpus, Samuel’s ½ brother that George James Bumpus went to live with when he was about 15 and learned the chefs trade in James’ tavern, the occupation he stayed with the rest of his life. The tavern may have been in Chicago as George James was living there as a young man in about 1897 according to a deposition taken from his sister Clara in that year.)

xiii. HARRIET BUMPUS, b. Abt 1866.


The following information about Reuben Bucannon Bumpus is from messages posted on the Genealogy.com Bumpus message board by Debra Bumpus-Brown, census records, and the Henry Co., IN. Genealogy site.

[The records show that on 10 Dec. 1867 Elizabeth and Reuben Bucannon Bumpus were released from the Henry Co. IN. Paupers Asylum. It is my belief that Samuel took Reuben Bumpus Jr. to Holt Co., MO. Samuel Bumpus arrived in Jasper Co., MO. in early 1868. Reuben B Bumpus is in the 1870 census living with 30-year-old John Strough, b. IN., in Union, Holt Co., MO. This is likely the same John Strough listed in 1860, 19 years old and living with John Strough SR. in Fall Creek, Henry Co., IN. He may have been a friend of Samuel and/or the Bumpus family in Henry Co., IN.]

I don’t find an Elizabeth Bumpus in the 1870 census records. I do find Eliza Bumpus b. 1859 in the Jasper Co., MO. Poor Farm records, admitted Sept. 1887 listed as ‘Blind, Widow, 6 children, all dead’, but her birthplace is listed as MO. so I believe this is not the same person.

Generation No. 7


[1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born October 25, 1825 in Richland County , OH .

He married MARGARETT or MARY A. SEARS. She was born June 10, 1832 in NY.









Pricilla Bumpus is living next door in the same home as Permelia Colby. Reuben’s wife Pricilla’s maiden name was Colby.

The1882 “History of LaGrange County, Indiana” by F.A. Battey & Co., Springfield Township states:

“Josephus Bumpus, son of John Bumpus, Native of New York, of Welsh descent, was born Oct 25,1825 , in Richland County , Ohio . Mr. Bumpus is a cooper by trade and came to this country in the spring of 1846, location at Ontario where he was employed the first season at his trade, then in his shop until 1849, when he rented the “Widow Newton” farm, north of Ontario. About a year later he purchased land in this township. That has reached its present improved state by Mr. Bumpus’ industry. December 10, 1848 Mr. Bumpus was married to Mary A. Sears, who was born in New York, June 10, 1832. She came to this country with her father Chancey Sears in about 1836 and lived with Judge Luther Newton from the age of six years until her marriage. Mr. And Mrs. Bumpus have seven children – Savilla, Viola, Roderick, Nellie, Carrie, Joseph, and Cora.”

(There is no mention here of a Pricilla. I found this transcription on the Internet.)

7 SAMUEL BUMPUS [6] REUBEN BUMPUS, [5] FREDERICK BUMPUS, [4] EDWARD BUMPUS JR (BUMPAS), [3] EDWARD BUMPAS, [2] JOHN BUMPAS SR, and [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born Abt 1840 in OH, and died August 13, 1885 in Carthage , MO. He married [1] CATHERINE ISABELLA LATTIN, September 05, 1869 in Carthage , MO , daughter of DIMMICK LATTIN b. abt 1800 N.Y. and SERENA TAYLOR. B. abt 1815, OH. She was born Abt 1852 in Knox County , IN , and died 1875/76 in Humboldt, Allen County, Kansas. He married [2] MARY AMANDA BALLINGER May 02, 1881 , in Carthage , MO , her father and mother were both b. TN. She was born Abt 1845 in TN. and died in MO. December 23, 1911 of TB.


Samuel Bumpus was born in Richland County , OH in about 1840, according to the earliest records I have found. Some later records put his birth year as late as 1844 but the 1860 census shows his younger sister, Mary, was born in 1841 or 42. Samuel moved with the family to Blountsville, Henry County, Indiana, in about 1856 where they established a farm. 1860 finds Samuel working on the NJ Hunt farm near Losentville, Randolph County , Indiana , about five miles from the Bumpus farm. Samuel’s military record shows him joining the 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in Sept 1861. Depositions taken during a 17-year investigation into the application of a soldier’s pension and later a widow’s pension, tell a fairly complete story of the rest of Samuel’s life.

Samuel joined the Army with at least one boyhood friend from Indiana and they mustered in at Indianapolis . Their unit was sent to the SW District and on that march Samuel Bumpus and at least one other soldier contracted measles. Samuel was hospitalized for three months. After his return to the 8th, his voice was described as ‘weak’ and he was ‘unable to speak above a whisper’. This condition lasted for the remainder of his life. He was often in the hospital after that until his death on 13 August 1885 . [In a recent conversation with a doctor, I was told that the measles likely destroyed his immune system. Upon his return to his Army unit, Samuel was assigned as ‘Wagon Master’. That was probably due to his weakened condition. Samuel spent considerable time in hospitals during the remainder of the war and his entire life, including the hospital at Sarcoxi , MO. near Carthage and the Lattin farm, where he returned in 1868. The 8th Indiana was in many skirmishes in Missouri and some major battles in Missouri, Arkansas and throughout the Mid West and South, including the Battles of Pea Ridge, Helena, and the Siege of Vicksburg, where Samuel was wounded in the left leg below the knee ‘at a place called Champions Hill. He remained in battle and was present during the Siege This wound didn’t damage the bone but was severe enough to put him in the hospital for six months with a ‘poisoned leg’. He was then transferred to the Invalid Corp and mustered out shortly after in late 1864. He returned to the family farm in Henry County, Indiana. He also spent time in Randolph County and worked around Winchester. Samuel took a younger brother and sister to Missouri in a wagon, leaving in December of 1868, where He settled in Carthage, Jasper County on the Lattin farm. As a carpenter, he likely built an addition of the Lattin farm house.

Samuel Bumpus married Catherine Isabelle Lattin in 1869. They had two children; George James in 1870 and Clara Manda in about 1863, Catherine and the children were staying with her sister, Amanda Long, in Humboldt, Allen County, Kansas in 1876 while Samuel was working in Carthage . Samuel returned to the Long farm the evening before Catherine died. Samuel returned Catherine to Carthage to be buried near her father, probably Catherine’s wish, in the Indian/White Graveyard, later to be called the Seidensticker Graveyard after the farm sold to that family in 1879. While Samuel was gone, Amanda Long gave the children to the county agent who gave them to John and Mary Thompson of Cottage Grove TWP, Allen County, Kansas near Humboldt, to be reared as their own. From the 1880 census I learned that Clara had been given the Thompson name and George was still a Bumpus. A third child in the Thompson home in 1880 was 17-year-old Elwood Baker, farmhand, later to become the husband of Clara who was using the name Clara Amanda Bumpus when they married. In a Deposition taken in the 1890s Clara Manda said she added the A to her middle name ‘because it sounded better’ and ‘I think I saw her father once after my mother died’.

Samuel returned to Carthage after the loss of his children and was working on a farm with Mary Amanda Ballinger when he entered the Jasper County Poor Farm in 1880. Pregnant Amanda Ballinger was also there in 1880. They were married in 1881 in Jasper County. Samuel left the Poor Farm from time to time to work while Mary Amanda remained there until sometime in late 1883 or early 1884. They had two daughters together; Lilly May, on 8 June 1882, and Cora Lee, 31 July, 1885, almost two weeks before Samuel died on 13 Aug 1885. Samuel and Mary Bumpus had been living and working on the Rolston farm near Knights Station, Jasper County, Missouri, for about 18 months when Samuel got sick the last time. He died a few days later. Mary returned to the Poor Farm the same month, August, where she stayed until12 Oct. 1894 when she “went to live with Mr. Estes.” The rest of her life she was ‘too week with TB to take care of herself’. Samuel was described as ‘able-bodied’ before he joined the Army and as ‘sickly and weak’ after the war. Samuel was alternately listed in the census records as ‘Farm Labor’ and ‘House Carpenter’. Mary put the two girls up for adoption in about 1886 and she died in 1911 of TB.

SAMUEL BUMPUS burial: August 20, 1885, Rolston Graveyard, Carthage, MO, near Knight’s Station.

MARY AMANDA BALLINGER: Burial: December 26, 1911, Dudman Cemetery, 10 mi. E. of Carthage MO.


i. GEORGE JAMES BUMPUS, b. 1870, Carthage, MO, d. 1932, Selma, CA.

ii. CLARA AMANDA BUMPUS, b. 1873, Carthage, MO. Probably died by suicide, Fresno Co., CA., per family lore.


iii LILLY MAY BUMPUS, b. June 08,1883 .

iv CORA LEE BUMPUS, b. July 31, 1885 .

Generation No. 8



[3] EDWARD BUMPAS, [2] JOHN BUMPUS SR, [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born 1870 in Carthage MO , and died 1932 in Selma CA . He married MARY ELLEN DILLON, 1894, daughter of JEREMIAH DILLON and CLARA OLIVE GARDNER. She was born September 30, 1874 in Joplin, MO, and died 1955 in Sacramento, CA.


Children of GEORGE J. BUMPUS and MARY E. DILLON are:

I MARLOWE BUMPUS, b. 1895, Little Rock, ARK, d. 1959, San Francisco, CA.

II. GEORGIA ISABEL BUMPUS, b. January 06, 1906, d. Sacramento, CA.

8 CLARA MANDA (AMANDA) BUMPUS was born Abt 1873 in Carthage MO. She married ELWOOD BAKER, November 13, 1888, in Allen County, Kansas, son of ALEXANDER BAKER and MARY H. He was born Abt 1864 in Indiana.

Children of CLARA BUMPUS and ELWOOD BAKER are:


II Daughter BAKER.

Generation No. 9

9 MARLOWE BUMPUS [8] GEORGE JAMES BUMPUS, [7] SAMUEL BUMPUS, [6] REUBEN BUMPUS, [5] FREDERICK BUMPUS, [4] EDWARD BUMPUS JR (BUMPAS), [3] EDWARD BUMPAS, [2] JOHN BUMPAS SR, [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born 1895 in Little Rock, AR. and died 1959 in San Francisco, CA. He was cremated. He Married, [1] MARIA CALIVILLO, daughter of FRANCISCO CALVILLO and CARLOTTA. She was born October 13, 1903 in Mexico. He married [2] HELEN VIRGINIA HART, daughter of CHARLES HART and LILA CONLEE. She was born 1898 in Exeter CA , and died 1984 in Summerland , BC , Canada . After the death of his father he changed his name to George Marlowe Bumpus.

Helen Virginia Hart was cremated and the ashes were placed overlooking Arrow Lake (Columbia River) in British Columbia on the farm of her son Logan Bumpus, near Fauquier BC. Helen first married Chester Goodale, 1916 and had a daughter, Jean. in 1917.





i. MARGOT BUMPUS b. living







9 GEORGIA ISABEL BUMPUS [8] GEORGE JAMES BUMPUS, [7] SAMUEL BUMPUS, [6] REUBEN BUMPUS, [5] FREDERICK BUMPUS, [4] EDWARD BUMPUS JR (BUMPAS), [3] EDWARD BUMPAS, [2] JOHN BUMPAS SR, [1] EDOUAD BOMPASSE] was born January 05, 1906, and died in Sacramento CA. She married ANDRE PICHLY. He died in Sacramento, CA.




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S.Bumpus, Company G

S.Bumpus 8th Indiana Inf.Regiment

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Samuel Bumpus, Union Soldier

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