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Hi!  My name is Avery.  I am a purebred Golden Retriever.  I was born on December 29, 2000.  I was adopted on February 17, 2001 by two wonderful people--Chris and Brenda--my Mom and Dad.
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I love to sleep, eat, and CHEW!!  I sleep with my Mom and Dad, that is until Dad pushes me onto the floor!  Then, I just go to Mom's side and she lets me sleep with her!  I chew on almost anything, if I can get away with it!!  My favorite toys are plastic plumbing pipe, and my chewy, squeaky alligator!  I especially like to chew on steak bones!
I have 3 good friends--Buddy, whom I pick on regularly; Sassy and Bandit, whom I really don't know all that well, but have been pretty good to me.  My family consists of my Mom and Dad--Chris and Brenda; my grandparents--Diane, Shirley and Al; my Uncles--Terry, Steve, and Corey; my Aunties--Nancy, Kara, and Crystal; and of course my cousins--Jericho and Case!
Boy, what a large family!!  I hope I didn't forget anyone!
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