Here at Braemac, all our Pointers are much loved family members, first and foremost!  They also happen to sometimes be showdogs too!  But this is a very small part of our (and their) lives -  most importantly they are our "kids" and companions.

I (Megan) have been involved in the dog world for over 20 years starting as a Child Handler way back in.................well, we won't go that far back!

My first show dog was a Weimaraner followed by a BEAUTIFUL Welsh Springer Spaniel in 1985 -
Joel (a.k.a. Ch Bryndoain Rueben James) was a super showman and a great friend.  Although I had a very keen interest in the breed, it wasn't until early 1991 that my first Pointer, Keiran, arrived.  When Neil and I met in late 1991, he was owned by two huge Saint Bernards, Abby and Sam.  Sadly we no longer have any Saints, having lost Sam 3 days shy of his 11th birthday - am amazing age for a Saint!  We currently share our lives with four great Pointers and a super little Whippet called Devo!

Both Neil and I have been involved with various dog clubs over the years but I now prefer to concentrate my efforts on The Pointer Club which was established in 1997 of which I have been Secretary-Treasurer since the club's inception until earlier this year , along with Magazine Editor for most of that time too.  Currently, I hold the postion of Treasurer and was very proud to be awarded Honorary Life Membership of the club at Easter 2004.  We hope to have a club website up and running in the near future so please check back to see how we are doing.  If you would like to know more about the club, please don't hesitate to
email us or download a membership form (you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the form).  Please send the completed form to the Treasurer.

We are also proud to introduce our son Conor who arrived on 12 February 2004, nearly 7 weeks early!  Conor is a true delight and we are thriving on being parents.  Our pointers are all WONDERFUL with Conor, and are especially interested in him now that they've discovered that he is a great source of food!!
Neil is a Volunteer Firefighter for the Mataura Voluntary Fire Brigade and enjoys spending time working on (and driving) our 1967 Ford Mustang (the one vehivle that the dogs are not allowed to ride in!).  We also own and run a successful Panelshop here in Mataura.
Neil & Blake - June 2004
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