HELLO and welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy browsing through the pictures and reading about my family, special events and hobbies.
My name is Pat, but over the years I have earned several titles -such as Queen Bee, Mother Seal and Goat Lady.There's a story behind each one which you will learn later.
I was born in a small village in Northern England,completed my formal education there, then underwent nurses training at South Shields General Hospital, County Durham.
Later, following a very serious illness, I made the momentous decision to come to Canada for a holiday and to recuperate. Here I met Clarence, and shortly thereafter we married, and I became a
farmer's wife.
It was quite a culture shock at first- to get used to life on the farm where there were no modern conveniences, but I soon adjusted and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed life 'down on the farm'. Now 50 years later,Clarence is supposed to be semi-retired! but sometimes he forgets!
He still keeps busy doing farm chores and fixing machinery etc..

We live in beautiful Prince Edward Island,Canada. Our small farm is almost surrounded by water- the Gulf of St. Lawrence on two sides and a large Lake on one side. Needless to say- the scenery is wonderful.
A small fishing village is located about a quarter of a mile from our farm. From April to late in the Fall, this is usually a hive of activity . Fishermen start building, repairing and loading their lobster traps in April ready for opening of the Lobster fishing season which commences on May 1st.
Bluefin Tuna are also fished here. In fact a few years ago this was known as the Tuna Capital of the World. Sports fishermen from many different countries would come here to try to capture one of these giant fish. Many world records have been broken over the years, including the largest bluefin caught by Rod and Reel, largest caught by a woman, also by a senior. Some of the Tuna weighed well over a thousand pounds,and at times they would put up quite a battle and have been known to tow the boat around for quite a distance before they were finally landed. Then- for a few years the Tuna became scarce, the big fish moving on to different harbors.
However they are becoming more plentiful again and each year sees an increase in the number of giant bluefin being hooked off these shores.

See a picture of 1200lb Bluefin Tuna,also Island scenes.

Our farm has been in the family for nearly 140 years, and just recently we were presented with a plaque from the Premier of this Province to commemorate the occasion. There have been a lot of changes - both in farming methods and in lifestyles over the past century, and many of the old ways have 'gone by the wayside' in the name of progress. Click on 'Down on the Farm. for more.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for my site in the White Horse Peace Trail Contest.With your help I won the final round and the Champion's Title.

Thankyou Martha

Thank you for this beautiful award.

Condolences to everyone who has lost loved ones in the tragic events which took place on September 11th. 2001. Words cannot express the grief and horror shared by each one of us.

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This is my experience and so I'll pass it on. The time to be a friend to man
is when he's needing one.

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invaluable help and advice, without which this page would not have materialized.

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Wealth without enjoyment is little consolation.
Your real prosperity lies in being thankful.
...... Your real riches are riches of the head and heart.
Satisfaction comes from appreciating what you have.
Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is wanting what you get.....
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