"LOVE...starts when another Persons` needs become more important than your own"


A page for my Favorite Lady '-)



I like to see with whom I am exchanging notes/e-mails with.
                     Just as you.....see me ;-)

I beleive in:  
"Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder".

A nice compliment is always sweet  ;-)  And I thank those that have given them to me.

If  you show interest and really,  want to get to know me,  you need to learn how to pick up a phone.  The messaging back and forth,  it`s ok to break the ice, so to speak, but......it also gets really old.

 Don`t pretend to be someone you`re not, eventually it comes out,
and one will get hurt.

 I do not date  below 38 or maybe 37,  lol,  please!!.

 I am not looking for a long distance relationship. If  you have time to spend on weekends or weekdays, better, if  you think itís needy, be gone.  I am what I am.  And proud of  it. :-)

 Also have two cats, if you are allergic,  we will not click.

I.D.: bettyboop91801

Sis and Girls

                      Forever my Baby, my Son `-)

My Leg of Lamb `-)

My Family

R.I.P.* 1954-2002* My Brother {Miss you Mits}


     This is nice! Thank you, ClassyLadyLibra!




 Please make your presence known,  so I know you have been here.

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