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Hi this is my family! My husband Tony, our son Zachary, and me Brenda. We are a Military family so we move quite often, every few years or so.If you visit their pages look for my link to get back here... theres lots more to see. =)

Updated on a weekly basis. You'll have to look to find out where. I'll give you a hint...i'ts probably in the pictures sections! I'm updating this week and next so come back and visit to see the udates and new pictures around September 1st.

Devon's here! Wanna see a picture?Click here!

Sierra's here! Wanna see a picture?Click here!


I am no longer a Yahoo/Geocities Community Leader. I didn't think I could spend as much time as I would want to helping out homesteaders and still have the time I wanted with my family. So, of course, family comes first. I'm sure you will have no problems finding someone else to help you. If you need help finding someone else please let me know and i'll point you in the right direction. I had a great time with all of you.*smile*


Do you need parenting tips or have parenting questions? Or maybe you are a geocitizen who needs help...visit my message boards. There you can leave me questions or maybe even find the answer you are looking for already there. Don't forget you can always email me or page me by icq...using my pager panel you can contact me directly from this page and if I'm online can get your message right away.


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