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JULY 2005
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Charles Levinson writes for Cairo Magazine on the possibiltiy of Al-Wasat becoming legal. Rami K. Khouri observes that the "Islamist wind is blowing ever stronger in the Middle East"
The Daily Star reports on some of the subtle ways the Tunisian government keeps control over the media.
Country Profiles
A new opinion piece from the Daily Star comments on the political trajectories of Iran and Iraq
Reuters UK reports that the centre Islamist party, Hizb al-Wasat, has been approved by a judiciary advisory panel in Egypt
Are Opposition parties going to take part in the presidential poll? Magdy Samaan writes for Cairo Magazine
The Washington Post reports that the Kurds are calling for a referendum in 8 years  on possible secession
Rami K. Khouri comments on his journey across the Middle East in the DailyStar
Leslie Boctor writes for Cairo Magazine on the obstacles to creating and running NGOs in Egypt.
Guardian Unlimited reports on the growing fear of repression against pro-reform groups in Iran
A new editorial piece from the Daily Star argues that "Yemen's president has raised the bar for other Arab leaders"
James Bennet, writes for the New York Times Magazine on "The Enigma of Damascus".
The New York Times reports on some of the "thorny"issues being debated regarding the Iraqi draft constitution
Irfan Husain writing for Dawn  comments  on the new Hisba Law passed in the North-West province of Pakistan.
Bill Law writes for the BBC about Hamza al-Mazeini, a saudi professor of Linguistics.
Al-Ahram weekly reports on
between Pro-reform groups in Egypt
A new Opinion piece from the Daily Star writes on how Europe can push Reform in the Arab World
Paul Schemm, writing for Cairo Magazine describes the court proceedings of Al Ghad party leader Ayman Nour
Middle East Online  reports that Bahraini opposition groups criticize new political law
A new editorial from the Daily Star states that "writing a sound Iraqi constitution is more important than meeting US deadlines."
Al-Ahram weekly reports on the possibility of election over-sight in Egypt
Cinderella Hassan, writing for Cairo Magazine, reports that the Muslim Brotherhood is reaching out to other opposition groups"
The Washington Post reports on a demonstration held on the 21st that included the Muslim Brotherhood and Secular groups.
Rami K. Khouri writing for the Daily Star describes the shaking foundations of Middle East politics
The Mysterious death of democratic activist, Munir Said Thalib, is a moment of truth for Indonesian democracy. Dan  Eaton writes on the topic  for Reuturs and Gary LaMoshi writes for Asia Times
The Daily Star reports that calls for boycotting the presidential poll in Egypt are increasing
A new editorial piece in the Daily star states that the new shake-up in Egypt's state-owned media is only meaningful if it leads to privatization
The New York Times reports that the new draft constitution of Iraq puts certain limits on Women's rights
BBC reporter Bill Law writes on the recent Municipal elections in Saudia Arabia
Rashid Kashana writing for Al-Hayat, compares the political life of the "Arab World and its Islamic neigbours"
The Washington Post reports that Sunnis have suspended participation in the constitutional committee
Nathan J. Brown of the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace translates and comments on a draft Bill of Rights for Iraq
The Daily Star reports that Egypts presidential poll has been moved up to September 7th
The Guardian Unlimited reports that the detention of four leaders of the  Muslim Brotherhood has been extended
Brian Whitaker of the GuardianUnlimited writes about the state of Egypt's state-owned Meda
The Daily Star reports that PM designate Fouad Siniora goes back to the drawing board
The Rand corporation published a report on building a successful Palestinian state
The BBC reports that there will be "No MPs in the next Lebanese cabinet". Plus, the daily star reports that Fouad Siniora is facing opposition from druze leader Walid Jumblat
The online magazine, Opendemocracy, presents a debate on Iran and democracy.
The BBC reports that Pakistan's North-west frontier province has passed a new controversial law with "Taleban-style poliicing in pulbic places"
Khaleej Times reports that Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Mohammed Sayed Tantawi "rejects the new political parties law in Egypt".
The Daily Star reports that "Lebanon moves closer to forming a cabinet" and Adnan El Ghoul provides an analysis
Zaman Online reports that the European Parliamant urges Turkey to increase the participation of women in politics
Reuters UK reports that secular Iraqi Shi'ites are calling for autonomy in the South.
Lebanon's Daily Star reports that the US is calling on Lebanon to "fully implement" UN Resolution 1559. Further US support is contingent on  reform.
The reports that Prime Minister
Recep Tayyip Erdogan has delivered a speech at the Sun Valley Conference on
Islam, democracy, and Turkey
Middle East Times reports that Islamic Scholars at a conference in Jordon forbid takfeer, condemning other Muslims of apostasy.
Al-ahram weekly reports on the state-owned media-shakeup in Egypt
The New York Times reports on the growing influence of Shi'ite
fundamentalism in the oil port city of Basra.
A new controversial law regulating political parties has been passed in Egypt.Al-ahram weekly reports
The Washington Post reports the reactions of Oppostion groups to the May 25th beatings of Pro-Reform activists in Egypt
What went wrong? What to do now? New York Times
reports on the
reactions of Reformists to the recent elections in Iran
BBC reports that Ayman Nour's trial has been post-poned until after the September Presidential Elections
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