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On this web page you will find photos of emergency response vehicles taken mainly by me, though sometimes my wife Kimberly has been known to assist me in taking photos. Photos that you will see are of vehicles that are of particular interest to me, which mainly include police vehicles, mobile command units, and railroad police vehicles. I have also been known to take pictures of ambulances and fire apparatus.

About AJR

My name is Anthony J. Rzucidlo. After becoming an Eagle Scout, I was a member of the Dearborn Heights Police Explorer Post for three years. I worked for the Dearborn Heights Police Department in a civilian capacity (clerk/dispatcher) for 13 months after high school.

After 33 years of service with the Ford Motor Company (third generation employee) I retired. I started as a guard at the Research & Engineering Center in Dearborn, Michigan. Over the course of my 33 years in the security department, I held a variety of positions. My last assignment was with the Corporate Security/Fire Department.

I served in the capacity as chairperson for the Public Safety Committee for the Strategic Planning Task Force for Dearborn Heights. I attended and completed the Dearborn Heights Citizens Police Academy. In addition, my wife & I completed training and have been certified as members of the Dearborn Heights Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I am the Administrative/Training Group Leader for the program. I am one of the instructors for the basic training class in the area of CERT Organization & Incident Command. I have also provided training to other area CERT organizations.

I have two college degrees, Associates in Industrial Security and a Bachelor's in Industrial/Institutional Security with a minor in Law Enforcement.

Besides taking photos of emergency response vehicles, I have a collection of Ford security, police explorer and railroad police shoulder patches. I am also interested in railroads, and I am the president of the Michigan Railroad Club.

I have published a book entitled Emergency Management - Mobile Command & Response Vehicles: A photographic review of emergency units. If interested in obtaining a copy, contact me by e-mail at ajr107@peoplepc.com.

Emergency Response Vehicle Photos

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