Garrett Black
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
     There once was a man.   All of the women loved him, and all of the men wanted to be him.  That man was named Tony Danza.
     Tony Danza grew up an only child in a small, farming community in Idaho.  At the age of ten, he decided that he would move to Los Angeles and become a star.  He soon realized that becoming a star is no easy task.  After many auditions, and no call backs, his hope was dying.  It was when he got free tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert that his life would change.  When he snuck backstage, he came face to face with "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen himself.  Bruce looked at
the young fan and said, "Who's the Boss?"  Tony looked up at Springsteen and exclaimed, "Some day, I'll be the Boss".  Little did he know, his dream would soon to come true.  He was soon cast in the smash hit sitcom, Who's the Boss? where his strong accent and Italian humor gave hope to millions.  In 1983, there was no man
more funny than Tony Danza.  America had a new love, booze.  But they enjoyed booze much more when they were watching, Who's the Boss? But with the fame came problems.  The constant pressure of the media not caring at all what he did drove Tony to drugs.  His drug binges were at their peak in 1987, when Tony smoked a cigarette with some old high school friends.  Immediately, he knew the problem with his choices.
Tony decided to change his ways and win his career back.  He managed to climb the ladder of success to acheive super stardom with his greatest role to date in the Disney movie, Angels in the Outfield.  In a role much like his own life, Tony played the great pitcher who would earn his second chance to become a star.  Danza was famous again.  He began making appearances in local commercials and many talk shows on public access stations
   He won many awards, including a World's Greatest Dad trophy from his son.  Tony announced his retirement by claiming that he had spent enough time in the spotlight, and it was time to give someone else a chance.  America agreed with him by showing no reaction, or sadness for his retirement.  Tony Danza died on May 21st 1996.  Even in his death, America showed their love by not indulging him with their love.  He will be missed my his family...maybe.
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