"Butterfly Kisses"

Just Call Me 'Sugar'

Four healthy sons God granted me.
Each of which I love the best
(although my patience they often test).
How lucky can this woman be!

Through circumstance I bore no more,
yet yearned within so secretly
for that which wasn't meant to be..
Then God opened another door.

A belly swelled and ripened sweet,
whose fruit was cultured so sublime
that the harvest, came it's time,
flowered with such heavenly treat.

For born was she who's made me whole.
Bonded by blood and destiny;
she'll always be a part of me
and stilled the craving of my soul.

Darling niece, of you I speak
with love so deep yet calm:
(your self-proclaimed 'Sugar Aunty')
Miss 'Chantalle Veronique'.

Aunt-Ellen (Nov. 24th 1998)


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