Breaking Taboos Surrounding Mental Health Issues

I've personally experienced the cloaking of mental health issues. I too know how it feels to be avoided, cast out, not taken seriously or judged a lesser person because I suffered a mental and physical breakdown.
Now, 3 years later, I'm ready to share with others MY story, to help where I can in dissolving some of the taboos still surrounding mental health illness in this day and age.

The month is August and the year, 1996. Just thinking back hurts, but I want to get the facts straight and tell the story right. I wrote down my thoughts during that period, for myself; to bring back some order in the chaos which were my feelings and thoughts at the time, and for my children; because I wanted them to understand what their mother had felt, if and when they ever wondered about it and I wasn't there to explain it to them myself. At that point I was totally unsure of anything, let alone my future.
I haven't looked at these personal notes since that devastating period in my life, so I'm reliving it with you as I write this down.

Read about the symptoms leading up to my eventual breakdown & institutionalization here.

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