Dedication Page For
My Friend Jumbles

This is how she signs her emails:

Ann (aka) Jumbles

Geocities Community Leader for Petsburgh & Rain Forest

- Followed by this enormous list of achievements (!) -

Web Sites:

Paws A While

Zoo Graphics

Jungle Graphics

Forest Graphics

Jumbles Animal Gallery

Jumbles Callingcards/Cardtoons

Jumbles Fountain

Jumbles Postcards

Jumbles Calligraphix

Setter Haven

Jumbles Geohelp

Jumbles 3D Animal Graphics:

Ann's motto:
"Extinction is forever. Treat the Earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents,
it is loaned to you by your children.

At one time Ann confided to me:

I've helped Martin (her son) at
"Spice's Spot Graphics Tutorials"
For their German Shepherd dog, Spice.

Not to mention the one she did for her friend "Val" or for my mom, my son Marnix and for me (and me) over and over again!

Mere words cannot begin to express my depth or debt of gratitude to this kind, generous, extremely patient and caring person I have grown so very fond of over the past months I've been fortunate enough to get to know her.
Ann, you're an angel! Thank you.


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