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I was born in Dorst/Oosterhout, North Brabant/Holland in the Baarschotsestraat on October 27th 1960.
On December 23rd 1960, I left Holland with my (Dutch/Indonesian) mother, sister and brother. We arrived in Paramaribo, Suriname on January 9th 1961. Our Dutch father had gone before us and had already started his job as pilot for SLM Airways on December the 23rd 1960 and gotten us a home on the Grote Combeweg.

We stayed in Suriname until 1963, when we returned to Holland and lived with my grandparents (father's side) for about half a year.

In October 1964 it was back to Paramaribo where my father worked for Kersten and we lived above City Garage on the Zwarte Hovenbrugstraat for a couple of months. From there we moved to the district of Nickerie where we lived on the Hendriksstraat and the Wixstraat until 1967 when we returned to Paramaribo and lived on the Vergeet me niet straat, where my youngest sister was born. We moved into the home of Ramesh Ragoebarsingh for 3 weeks and then into a house in Via Bella off the Verlengde Gemenelandsweg for a month until our American visa came through.

On August 3rd 1968 we emigrated to the United States of America. The State of Florida and city of Orlando. We lived at Dellwood Drive, Parklake Avenue, Hampton Avenue and Trentwood Boulevard until 1973. I attended Lake Como Elementary, Audubon Park Jr. High and Howard Jr. High.

My sister Ankie had married and my brother Wout was in his last year of High School after which he joined the American Air Force. So only my younger sister Inge and I emigrated with our parents to the island of Sint Maarten in the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean. We lived in Simpson Bay, in Cay Hill and finally on Cul-de-Sac. In June of 1975 we once again emigrated to Suriname.

First we lived with the Godecky family for a month until our new home in the Edmundstraat was finished being built. I remember celebrating my 15th birthday there! We moved to the Adhinweg off the Highway to Paranam. I'd finished my last year at the Mgr. Wulfinghschool and left on my own to attend school in Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Holland) on July 12th 1979, having lived in the Adhinweg for only 2 weeks. My parents and sister stayed behind.

I worked as a typist at Schadeverzekeringsmaatschappij Bovemij in Nijmegen during the day and attended the University of Nijmegen in the evenings for the "Tolk Vertaler Engels Opleiding" (Translator English/Dutch Training). I lived with my soon to be parents in law. I got married on December 1st 1979. Half a year later I became pregnant with my first son and we moved to Maarssenbroek in August 1980 where we lived in Reigerskamp. Our son was born on March 11th 1981. We had our second son there also, then moved to Pauwenkamp in 1986. Our two youngest sons were born there. In August 1994 we seperated. In October 1994 I moved with the children to Duivenkamp and on March 16th 1995 the divorce was finalized.

In the above mentioned period and thereafter, I worked as a train conductor for the Dutch Railways in Utrecht, as Regional (Utrecht) Coordinator for Foster Parents Plan Netherlands, as secretary for the catholic priests of the Order of St. Augustin at their Provicial Headquarters in Utrecht, as secretary for Burgers and Ran Lawyers in Utrecht and as Sales Promotion Assistant for the Maxis Head Administration Office in Utrecht. I'd kept attending foreign languages, computer and administration courses in between jobs and raising my 4 sons;
Sander, Rogier, Marnix and Yorick Burgers.

On July 8th 1997 I remarried. My husband has two children, Bianca and Dennis, from his previous marriage so now we have six together! We are also blessed with an adorable grandson born to Peter's daughter and her husband on November 1st of 1997. My 4 sons, my husband and I currently reside in The Netherlands.


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