An Angel In Disguise
Today I met an angel, a beauty in disguise.
It was on our planet, far away from the skies.
She came to me this morning, full all of life.
A beauty of an angel, who was happy to be alive.

The Angel's name is similar, to a morning of the spring.
Simply because when I hear it, the birds begin to sing.
Her voice melts all the tension, bringing sunshine to my life.
Each day I am away from her, I long to be by her side.

I wish to one day to claim her heart, to have it given freely.
One day to touch her silky skin, and softly hold her to me.
To breathe in her sweet scent, and stroke fingers through her hair.
Her beauty catches all my heart, and I see her everywhere.

One day I wish to see my love, high above the world.
Give her all she wishes dear, be it me or love or gold.
I wish to be next to her, to be with but never own her.
I love you always my angel, my gentle sweet Ramona.

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