The Teachings of the Fae Queen

And so it came to pass that the fae known as Aura became the chosen Guardian of Life...

"Diverse is the land we know as Urth and so too are the entities that exist therein. The most peaceful of woodland beings to the most dreaded fiend, all harbor a spark of life within their being. All share that common kinship. And so it is that if one respects that kinship, that thing that links every being, one may find the universal truth that is greater than any power to kill or rule over all. One may find the truths of one's very existence.
Varied are those that seek this truth. Varied are those that respect it's integrity. But all are made common under the truth's law. Look now and read the word of our Guardian, look now and take the first steps to learning the truth."

-The words of Leisalin, the first to commit written word to the Scrolls of Eternity

The "religious" doctrine of the reverence of life has almost always been left open to one's own interpretation. Discord and feuding have often been the result. And so, with the false gods denounced and the rise of the Guardians...Avatars a structure was given to this reverence. A common law set in writing that would unite all that would worship the sanctity of all living things. This text, known as the Scrolls of Eternity, dictates the structure of the hierarchy and the Words of Harmony... or the laws by which those beings who choose the path of llife should abide by.

The Words of Harmony

-There is but one true God, he and he alone is to be held above all others. Praise be to the Creator, for within him we find the truth.

-Hold thyself above none other. All life is sacred be the force that drives that life for good or evil, sentient or unthinking.

-Govern thy thoughts and thy sword arm. Strike naught of ill will or vengeance for thou shalt be as weak as thine enemy. Neither shalt thou raise a fist in anger or hate least thou shall stray from the path of life.

-Ever must thou endeavor to protect all beings, wicked and good. And in thy efforts of protection ever shalt thou avoid the spilling of life's final blood.

-Thou shalt let none go hungry if the means are not beyond thee.

-Thou shalt aid all in need less the means be beyond thy grasp.

-Kindness, love, forgiveness and joy are held in the highest esteem. None shall find life sour for want of either. Treat none in a manner that might soil such things.

-Prove thyself by thy deed. Live the Words of Harmony before thou speaks them.

The Priesthood

The people that teach The Words of Harmony are as varied as those alive. All who express a reverence for life can harbor it's teachings in their hearts and spread it to all whom they meet. With the nature of this path many such Priests are wanderers who move with the moon and teach the Words to all who might listen. However despite such the path is not without it's own structure and hierarchy amid those who would protect and maintain the sanctity of life. Below is a list of the titles of such people as well as their "ranking" according to station. None is a lesser to another as per the teachings of The Words of Harmony. The ranks are given according to knowledge, and adherence to the Words. For that matter gender and creed are not given attention within the priesthood either. All are given the same name and all wear the same vestments.

Acolyte - The Acolytes are the rising stars in the sky. They are those who would learn the deeper truths of Life so that they might speak the Words of Harmony without error to all who might seek the embrace of truth. They where black white and have shaved heads.

Brother/Sister - The lesser "Priests" of Life who tend to the temples and instruct the Acolytes in the Words. In some cases they run small rural temples as well. Their robes are purple and their heads are shaved all but for the top ... which is cropped close to the skull.

Watcher - Watchers are those who wander the country side spreading the word of life to places that do not have access to temples and such. Furthermore they are expected to administer to the ill whenever possible as well as alert officials of possible dangers to people and even the protection of people from various threats. This by no means makes them the exception from the Words. At no time are they allowed to kill unless there is an absolute need. They often wear whatever gear would be practical however they wear black robes during special ceremonies. This is a sign of mourning for whatever life they might have been forced to take. Also, they wear a pin that acts as a clasp upon their cloaks. This pin is in the shape of the Fae, Aura's symbol to denote which path they have taken.Their hair is kept cropped as close the skull as possible.

Revered Father/Mother - The title Revered Father or Mother is granted to those most "holy" upon the path. They are the heads of the large temples and the heads of large ceremonies. Their robes are of a sky blue hue and they allow their hair to grow long. Their names are symbols of how all are equal to all living things.

Days of Significance

Birth - A being's birth is heralded with as much of a feast as can be had. Furthermore the child is blessed by a priest of Life as soon as a ceremony can be held. This is done in the hopes that the child will live a long, happy life. If the offspring or similar animal it is often blessed if possible as well. No fee is given for this though freely given donations are excepted (no "donation tin" is passed around).

Death - While not part of the aspect of Life a ceremony is held at the end of a beings life to celebrate their memory and mourn their loss. This is often accompanied by various mood lifting things such as feasts and song.

New Moon - Every new moon a ceremony is held to celebrate the renewing of the cycle of life. Offerings of food and drink are set in a woodland meadow or the crest of a hill or similar such thing where the wild life might consume it. In this aspect it is also a measure of thanks and respect given to those beings who are not actively part of "civilization."

Feast of Flowers - A time of festival and celebration held when the last snows melt. It is held in the celebration of the end of the hardships of winter and in mourning of all who might not have made it through them. Generally lasts an entire week.

The Harvest - A focusing of the community that lasts through out the month of the Harvest moon. It's goal is to prepare for the hardships of winter and keep as many lives safe from the cold's cruel grasp as possible. At the end of the month blessings are placed upon people and livestock and a communal feast so that all might enjoy each other's company before the hardships of the season keep many apart.



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