Aura Ivory Ni'Danna

.:*`*:. .:*`*:.
: :    ()          ()    : :
*:   ^(^        ^)^   :*
*.              .*

Where true love burns, desire is love's pure flame;
It is the reflex of our Urthly frame,
That takes it's meaning from the nobler part,
And translates the language of the heart.

Where there is love there is life

Avatar of Life

High Dutchess of Eretz Tov
Queen of Natura Venustas

Mother of the CoHH

Fairy Level 99
Fairy Lvl 99
2d250 DE
110 HS
1d100SD +16
5000/5000 lps
100,000 PP
650,502 GP Hidden
Working on Stats

Equipment / Reg's:
Student of Urth's Magic Academy {MATF#010}
Focusing Pendant +2de/LP {#G0647}
Kimono of the Hawk +8 HS -2 SR -4DE{exp5-26-03}{#KoH0020}
Platinum Staff +5de/hr for physical attacks. +7de/hr to Magicial attacks {AC#0025}
Wedding Band +2 HS +2 lps {DFFATA06}
Ring of the covenant +2 HS + 2 HR {SMA0030 }
Rosebud of the heart +2 HS
Staff of Fire and Healing, 4d10 DE 30 Charges;
once per round as spell 1d105 HR Add Bonus's to magic to hit
or Heal also same as above 3d10 DE {MD#456007}

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