Pearl: 'Ello? Anyone there?  'Ello?
*Steps out of her cabin waving*

Amythest:  What do you think you are doing Pearl?
*Amythest comes out of the 1st mates cabin*

Pearl:  Trying to talk to the people that are out there looking at this 'ere picture of me flag.

Amythest:  Pearl, they can't 'ear ya, they can only read what ye are sayin'

Pearl: Oooooh... alright then,

*Amythest reenters her cabin*

'Ello people's that are surfing...
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We have worked hard to try and make you like it.  Well.  We can't make you do anything seein' how you are there safe and away from us, and our weapons.  THough I don't 'ave any weapons really, other than me eatin' daggar, even then they try to take that away,
Me sisters that is, 'specially Amythest...

Amythest: PEARL!!!!!!!

Pearl: Read on, on the other pages.  Bye.
*Runs away and hides in her captain's cabin*

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