Camden Advance Journal: Thursday, March 16, 1876

Wilber J. Lambie

The summons came to him suddenly, but he was ready. When told by his mother that it was though
he could survive but a short time, he was much surprised, but looking at her steadily for a
little he said, "Well, I suppose it is a great thing to die; but mother, I am not afraid to die
for my trust is in Christ."

Sudden Death of Wilber J. Lambie

The event much surprised the friends of this estimable young man. He came home from New York
on Saturday, March 4th, "worn out", as he said, "for a rest of 3 or 4 weeks" which would "bring
him out all right." The next Monday he was on our streets and on Tuesday visited friends.
Thursday morning a physician being called, found him in almost a dying condition, pronouncing
the disease diabetes.

Wilber left his rural home for Poughkeepsie Commercial College nearly 3 years ago. He there
developed decided business ability and graduated among the first in his large class. While in
school he also took a decided stand as a Christian. From Poughkeepsie he went directly into
service in the mercantile house of Lord & Taylor, in which he continued till his death. His
standing there and his type of religious character are indicated by the following letter from
his employers and the obituary notice in another column.

Two of his business associates, Messrs. Howard and Corbett, served as bearers at his funeral,
the latter, who entered the college and the store with him, and has known him intimately
through both courses, spoke words expressive of confidence, appreciation, bereavement and

Mr. James Lambie, Camden, N.Y.

DEAR SIR: We have just received your telegram announcing the death of Mr. Wilber J. Lambie.
It has taken us by surprise, as we had no idea he was seriously ill. He was a young man of
high character, in whom we had the greatest confidence, and we will miss him much. Please
accept the assurance of our sympathy in your bereavement.

Respectfully yours,

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