Nancy Fleming

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Redfield, Jan. 26 -- Departed this life on the 19th inst., Mrs. Nancy Fleming, wife of popular
townsman, L. L. Fleming, in the fifty-sixth year of her age. Mrs. Fleming was a kind and devoted wife
and mother and a friend of all with whom she came in contact. She was ever ready and willing in spirit
and active to assist the sick and the needy; and the community in which she lived and moved, as well as
the bereaved family, lose one whose place cannot well be filled; but our lose is her gain.

Friends you mourn, but not as those without hope. Be comforted and gather instruction from her life
and last words to you. She died in the belief that beyond the river there is a better land -- a home
for the weary ones of earth, -- and there is a sweetness in the hope of going to that "land".

"So free from all sorrow and pain,
With songs on our lips and harps in our hands
To meet one another again."

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Remembrance card:
Nancy G. Fleming died Jan. 19, 1891 Age 55 years, 9 months and 19 days.

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