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Other Surname: BAUER

Descendants of John Bauer
Descendants of Adam Lock

Camden, Oneida Co., NY Census 1835-1865
Camden, Oneida Co., NY Census 1870-1920
Lee, Oneida Co., NY Census
Illinois Census
Redfield, Oswego Co., NY
Rome, Oneida Co., NY Census
Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY & Dewitt, Onondaga Co., NY Census

Ernest Christopher Leuenberger and Elizabeth Myrtle Lock on their wedding day
the Locks:back:William,Charles,Frank;front:Henry,Ella,George
Adam Lock
Elizabeth Fleming Lock
Leota Myrtle Swanson Lock
Lewis Fleming Lock
Margaret Ann Bauer Lock

flowers Marriage Announcements:
Carl K. Lock to Bessie McCaw - 1919
Elizabeth Lock to Ernest Leuenberger
Ella Elizabeth Lock to Herbert E. Richardson - 1883
Leota Swanson to Lewis Lock

Eva Humility Lock Landers Flamig - 1984
Donald Lock Landers - 1921
Dorothy Alma Landers - 1924
Adam Lock - 1893
Bessie McCaw Lock - 1969
Carl Kilts Lock - 1979
Catherine Louisa "Katie" Lock - 1883
Charles Adam Lock - 1952
Ella Kilts Lock - 1944
Franklin Lock - 1955
George Bauer Lock - 1933
Henry Sylvester Lock - 1936
Margaret Ann Bauer Lock - 1905
Elizabeth Fleming Lock - 1928
Leota Myrtle Swanson Lock - 1966
Lewis Fleming Lock - 1966
William Edward Lock - 1927
Dr. Herbert Richardson - 1925
Ella Elizabeth "Libby" Lock Richardson - 1949

flowers Poems:
When The Pearly Gates Unfold by George Bauer Lock - 1894

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