A Respected Resident of Maple Flats

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Sept. 1 -- On Tuesday of last week our community was shocked with the startling news that Mrs.
John Rice was dying and at about 5 o'clock that afternoon death claimed her. She rose early as
usual that morning and attended to her morning duties. At eight o'clock she complained of a
severe pain in her head and almost immediately fell unconscious. At the time no one happened
to be with her except her grandson, Frank. He quickly summoned her husband and daughter, Mrs.
J. L. Armstrong, who placed her on the bed and hastily summoned a physician but there was not
one handy at Cleveland so it was necessary to go to Camden, where the services of Dr. Borland
were secured, but on his arrival he found there was no help for her. She had suffered a shock,
this being the second one, as she had one three years ago.

Deceased was born December 4th, 1834, on Reed Tract, three months after her parents arrived
from England. Her maiden name was Jane Ann Dodd. She was converted to the Christian faith at
the tender age of thirteen years and remained a faithful, loving Christian the remainder of her

She was married May 25th, 1853, to John H. Rice. Six children blessed their union, all of whom
are living except one son, Frank, who died in 1882 at the age of 19 years. Surviving her are
the aged companion, Mrs. F. E. Dickinson, Bernhards Bay; Mrs. J.L. Armstrong and E.G. Rice of
this place; Mrs. F.H. Swanson, Camden and Cyrus L. of Fulton.

Almost her entire life has been spent on Maple Flats, and in her death we feel that we have
lost one of our best Christian women in the church, a kind hearted neighbor and one who was
always sympathetic in every trouble. To know her was but to love her. She was a firm Methodist
until last March, when she with her companion united with the Maple Flats Baptist church. She
has ever attended services there and felt that she had a home there. The sympathy of the
entire community is extended to the grief stricken family.

Funeral services were held at the Maple Flats church Friday, Aug. 26th, at 1 o'clock, conducted
by Rev. A.C. Horseman, and was largely attended. Among those form out of town were Mr. and Mrs
Cyrus Rice of Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Swanson of Camden, Mrs. J. Jacocks of Wilcox, Pa., F.
Dickinson and daughter of Bernhard's Bay, and a brother, Wm. Dodd and son.

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