Camden Advance Journal: Feb. 15, 1917

Death of Edwin Rae in Rochester -- Brought Here For Burial

West Vienna, Feb. 13 -- The remains of Edwin Rae were brought here Saturday from Rochester. Funeral services were held Monday at 1 o'clock at the home of Miss Jennett Rae, and burial at North Bay cemetery. Mr. Rae was born north of this village and spent most of his life in this town. He was Superintendent at the County Home Farm for a good many years. About five years ago he went to Rochester to live with his daughter, Mrs. Dever Graves. Since that time he has been in very poor health. Mr. Rae was seventy-two years of age. He is survived by two sisters and one brother and one daughter at whose home he died. Mr. Rae had many friends as he was of a cheerful disposition and made friends.

Mr. Lambie and daughter from Camden attended the funeral of Mr. Rae Monday.

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