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Other Collegiate Chapters

Mu - Truman State University
Chi - Pittsburgh State University>
Pi - Emporia State University
 Alpha Gamma - Fort Hays State University
Alpha Epsilon - Northwest Missouri State University
Alpha Iota - Northeastern State University
Alpha Omicron - University of Central Arkansas
Alpha Pi - Clarion University
Alpha Upsilon - James Madison University
Alpha Psi - Eastern Illinois University
Beta Gamma - Ball State University
Beta Epsilon - Western Illinois University
Beta Kappa - Arizona State University
Beta Pi - University of Wisconsin - Stout
Beta Upsilon - Penn State University
Gamma Kappa - Marietta College
Gamma Psi - Morehead State University
Gamma Psi - Morehead State University  (Stacy's TriSigma Page)
Delta Chi - University of Virginia (1996 Pledge Class)
Delta Chi - University of Virginia
Epsilon Alpha - California State University, Hayward
Epsilon Gamma - Grand Valley State University
Epsilon Epsilon - Stockton State College
Epsilon Zeta - Southern Arkansas University
Epsilon Omicron - Illinois State University
Epsilon Phi - UNC Wilmington
Epsilon Psi - Rochester Institute of Technology
Zeta Alpha - Bryant College
Zeta Beta - Cameron University
Zeta Gamma - SE Oklahoma State University
Zeta Epsilon - Florida International University
Zeta Theta - Idaho State University
Zeta Mu - University of Alaska Fairbanks
Zeta Sigma - Duquesne University
Zeta Tau - Missouri Western State University
Zeta Psi - College of New Jersey
Eta Beta - Newberry College
Eta Zeta - University of Alaska Anchorage

Alumnae Chapters
South Florida Alumnae Chapter
South Carolina Alumnae Chapter
North Carolina Alumnae Chapter
Bloomsburg University Alumnae
Greek Zone
Greek Source
Greek Pages
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