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His name is Harry, and we just got him as a baby in June 2000.  In less than 2 months he can already talk and sing.  Check out what he can say in the new sounds page.  I'll keep updating when he learns more words.  Thanks!!!!
Pied Cockatiel
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Sound page!! Hear My bird talk!!
Stream my video of harry singing a popular song in RealVideo format (high bandwidth)
Harry lives in Cincinnati Ohio, in an apartment with me and my girffriend. He is very curious and likes to climb around on your arms and head. We only got him about a month ago, and he already is singing.  We hope to teach him how to talk. I'll keep you updated.
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- nibbling on your hair

- trying to escape his cage

- nibbling on just about anything

- singing


- when we leave him to go to work

- not having a full food dish

- not getting enough attention from others

- vaccum cleaner

Stream my video in RealVideo format (high bandwidth)
Stream my second video in RealVideo (high bandwidth)
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