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to view my feedback for both eBay and Yahoo auctions, and the Good/Bad Traders list on the YoJoe message boards. Also included here are a few of my favorite links to other G.I. Joe websites of interest.

Collection For Sale

I am currently in the process of selling my collection. If you are interested to see what I have left, which includes complete/incomplete and loose/carded/boxed figures and vehicles, please click here. Currently everything is 50% off!!
If you are placing an order for stuff I have listed on the YoJoe Classifieds, there is additional stuff available to you under the "Weapons/Accessories/Parts", "Vehicle Parts", and "Printed Material" sections. The links to these sections are listed below. No reasonable request will be refused (i.e. don't tell me you want everything on the page), so just let me know what you're interested in. If you have any questions, please ask me.

Weapons/Accessories/Parts - figure weapons, accessories, and body parts
Vehicle Parts - vehicle and playset parts
Printed Material - blueprints, sticker sheets, catalogs, order forms, trading cards, and comics
Busted/Beat Up/Broken Parts - some items only slightly damaged; other items would take an act of God to repair; these parts are to anyone that wants them
Miscellaneous Stuff - non-G.I. Joe items, including other action figure lines, books, and various knick knacks I have for sale

Want List

* Even though I am selling off pretty much my entire collection, there are still a few non-toy items I wouldn't mind getting.

Comprehensive Want List - Items on this list would include vehicle blueprints, TCG cards, busts/statues, some posters/wall hangings,
and a few other various odds and ends. Check out the list to get more specifics.

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