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 Paint Shop Pro 201 Class, Lesson 4

 Part one. The pictures are done in the process of reading and learning

Odds and Ends -1



3.The picture is done with 3 layers and shadow 

4. The original picture is selected and the drop shadow is added. 

Odds and Ends - 2

Ays.jpg (17275 bytes)

1. The size of gif is 1226b 2. The size of jpg was 2524b, after compression to 30 became 1984b Thumbnail: 

the resized picture to 25 %


1. I think, I have done it above.

2. File size reduction

Original image Resized to 50% and compressed to 20

 3. I did a picture  resizing to the  thumbnail and a link to the  larger image (look at dogs) above one, and here is the second without linking to the larger image:

The image resized to 100 pixels wide

4. The Clone Brush 

Original picture


Cleaned up the deliberate distortion


The  title is cleaned  from my picture


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