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1. bituke1.gif (122732 bytes)

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My first personal home page with much information about Lithuania, its culture, language, traditions, folk art.
2. 9557ekr.jpg (126430 bytes)

The first version of the Lithuanian-English-German Dictionaries and three lingual Dialogues,  do no exist, the site is renewed in other server
3. homework1ekr.jpg (124038 bytes) homeworkekr.jpg (109983 bytes)      http://members.fortunecity.com/mustukas

PSPUG homework pages, over 100. Because of the servers' behaviour,  the site was split in two..
4. homework pages hw pages Continuation with homework in Brinkster.com server since January, 2002
5.. aikam_isvaizda.gif (221997 bytes)
The first version
astraipsniaiekr.jpg (134055 bytes)
summer, autumn
astr3.gif (240048 bytes)
aikam_pav.gif (144050 bytes)
http://www.beata.addr.com, and the copy:

 Over 100 articles in various themes about gardening, handiwork and Internet  in Lithuanian. The main page of the site changes to the seasons: the snow is falling in winter, the leaves - in autumn, etc.

6. topcitiesbitukeekr.jpg (87023 bytes)
It was and one day the Home page and account were deleted from server. No answer or explanations from the staff. I move all  pages about Internet to the above (5th) WEB.
7. amuste1ekr.jpg (105004 bytes) amuste2.gif (131858 bytes) amuste3.gif (140448 bytes) http://webspace.webring.com/people/t9/96867334110016138

My graphics, Internet studies, Diplomas; Representing free graphics and the offering  to order Web design or Graphics.
Any update any more: I have frozen it

8. legdictekr.jpg (174067 bytes)
Dictionaries preface

ELG Dialogues
Because of the large popularity, the site have many visitors; therefore sometimes you can get frozen pages. This is restriction for free account.



Lithuanian-English-German dictionaries and Dialogues, new version, about 4000 entries in every Dictionary, not complete. A page about Lithuania and games for relaxing.







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