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When I first started doing web sites I was everywhere trying to find graphics in which I wanted on my site. I was very thankful  for those who could  create the graphics  and even more, let to use them for free. Since then, I have developed my own system of keeping track so that I can give the proper credit.

Audrone.jpg (15710 bytes)Since October, 1999 I started to learn in Self learning Paint Shop Pro Programme. I am thankful for the PSPUG group which have organized such courses. In Spring of 2000 I dared to take part in my first contest which was organized by VGP (Victorian Gathering Place group) and became the winner.  Click on the image to find the background sets worked out for the contest. I am never tired to learn. You can see here my Diplomas.




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You are most welcome to use my designs which are free, but they are linkware (my logo or a text link must be on the same page as the set is used)
please link to: In these pages I offer you graphics or webdesign for sale, as well. When need, fill in the application form.
If you use Paint Shop pro programme for your graphics, join please to my Webring  for PSP users.

With this site I belong to the Internet groups: Whoman Who Believe.



DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO MY GRAPHICS! You should download them.  My only restrictions on the use of these graphics is that you don't post them to your site and claim authorship.  There is a matching logos provided on every page, it MUST be placed, which you like  with the link to my pages . I'd also like to see what you've done, so please e-mail me with your URL. -
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