Thanks for visiting my free web graphics pages. All the graphics on these pages are free for you to use.  I have learned so much from the wisdom of others over the years and since I believe that what  you send out will come back to you. I'm happy to share my graphics with those of you with personal home pages at no cost to you.
DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO MY GRAPHICS! You should download them.  My only restrictions on the use of these graphics is that you don't post them to your site and claim authorship.  There is a matching logos provided on every page, it MUST be placed, which you like  with the link to my pages . I'd also like to see what you've done, so please e-mail me with your URL.

Buttons sets

Click on the button to see the whole page with banner and all buttons:

Valentine's set

My matching logos:

If you use any of my backgrounds or link to my page, I think it only right that I make a link to you...don't you ?


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