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1984 Monte Carlo SS
   I purchased this car from my Father In Law  in 1990. It was garage  kept the whole time that I owned it. It had 54,000 miles  and not a scratch on it. In 1994 I had to sell the car to buy the house that I live in. I sold it to my brother and the car was  exposed to the weather for six years. Time came that he had to get rid of it and I couldn't sit back and watch it go. I bought the car back!!! It's going to need a set of doors and a trunk lid because of rust. I'm going to have to do something with the 110,000 mile motor. It still runs good but has a major rear main seal leak along with the valve seals gone. I'm trying to decide to rebuild the 305 for originality or put some money in a 383 stroker and have some fun. I plan on replacing most of the interior and a paint job but for now it's sitting in the garage and waiting for me to finish my 1969 pickup truck. I can only afford one vehicle restoration at a time. I'll  post some before and after pictures when I start working on it.
I can't figure out why this car smokes so bad when I floor it!! Hee Hee
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