Zuhra Arabian Horse Stud
June 2009: NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED!! Please change your bookmarks & visit www.zuhra-arabians.com. This geocities website will no longer be available after 2009.
Endurance news 2008
Once the Quilty was announced to be in Queensland later in 2008, James & Zeehan Zamir (aka "Wilbur") have been putting more effort into training & competing.  After becoming open status horse & rider in 2007, they've placed TOP 5 heavyweight in all rides since - 2 in 2007 & 3 in 2008!!  Assistance & advice from Vance & Ouida Ratapu has been invaluable - a big "thank you" to them!

NOTE: Liz took photos of numerous competitors here - copies should be available for sale at the State Championships 18th August.

It is expected that
Naadem will do his first training ride in September 2007.
Breeding news 2008
Zeehan Bint Nabila had a RIPPER chestnut filly foal sired by the straight Egyptian stallion Alshinfarrahh (PVA Sonbali* x Daffiinah*).  The filly has been named Zuhra Z'Alshimmah - please visit their webpage!  www.zuhra-arabians.com/mares

Zsarina Zoya will be bred for the first time in the 2008 season. And it is hoped that the Naavah daughter Naavena will be leased from Aulda Arabians & bred for a very special foal....... WATCH THIS SPACE!!
Zuhraan Catch A Dream (aka "Sunni", pictured at left), leased from Breilla Kennels,has just had a litter of TEN big puppies on the 13th September 2008!!  The sire Zelgren Dark N Stormy is a rare solid black Pointer, so a number of the puppies are the rare solid-coloured.  The solid liver puppy bitch Zuhraan Dark N Dreamy (Kayo) has been retained in partnership with Breilla Kennels.

Unfortunately the 4 cows did not go back in calf again to the same Limosine bull 'Tryon'......
Family new 2008

Our third son "Marcus" was born 21st July 2008 - another big & healthy baby at 9lb 4oz. And NO! we're not trying again for a girl!!
Family & Friends' news 2006 - 2007

Our second son "Isaac" was born 18th September 2006 - very healthy & happy baby.  Big brother Chris LOVES him to bits (most of the time!)  Can't believe Isaac will be 1 year old soon!!

Chris celebrated his 3rd birthday in June 2007 with a party & everyone had lots of fun.

James became a shareholder & director of Optimed Pty Ltd in July 2006 - and is run off his feet more than ever. This has delayed our house-building plans yet again!!  Oh well..... hopefully not for TOO much longer.....
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