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Learn Java
     First of all, I am not a professional programmer. Three or two months ago I suddenly got     involved with this programming experience. Well, this is how it happened. My top-down RPG-philia  urged me to download a game engine (RPG maker XP) by which you can create a game easily. In a few days I thought that "hmm, even it is a  powerful tool, you somewhat get bored as you feel limited with what the program offers". Then, as the next step I decided to learn a little bit of editing the program. The program uses Ruby language, which is not very famous.
      Now, I was at a decision point. I had made my mind to learn a programming language. There were many options, but I chose Java. I have to admit that it was a bit intuitive choice. Maybe the word "Java" sounded more appealing as in my childhood I had developed an affection towards Java applets.
as a hobby
Before getting Started
Learn Java through sample programs
Send your suggestions for improvement
What can be the next step?

*  Currently this site is  intended for amateurs.
*  Some projects may contain inefficient or
    non-professional programming.
*  I will post new projects as I learn new stuff.
*  I will be happy for any suggestions

or contributions.
Head First Java, 2nd Edition
Perhaps the best (most fun) way to learn Java is
but I have this book which is useful too.
Java How to Program (7th Edition) (How to Program)
Here is my advice.  Do not play games too much, instead learn a programming language. It is much more  entertaining and challenging.  It is better for your brain.
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