School Boys is a site dedicated to bishonen, yaoi, and shonen-ai. Some of the images on this site, specifically, but not limited to the images contained in the Bishonen Image Archive, and possibly the ones contained in the Bishonen Wallpapers Archive may contain sexually explicite material! I do not have any control what-so-ever over who views these images, as they are not mine to edit or alter in any way.
Some, but not all of these images may contain depictions of homosexuality including kissing, hugging, touching, cuddling, and sometimes even sex. This is however, a public website, and while I may try to keep the smut down to a tollerible level, if there is an image that I think the fans of this site will like, then I will not think twice about posting it.
This site was ment for viewers to be 18 or older, but at the same time, I currently do not have the ability to inforce age limits, create a members only area, and as said before, the images here do not belong to me, therefore I do not have the authority to edit or recreat them. That ability alone belongs to the creator of said images, and unless the piece is emailed to me, and was drawn by an artist who gives me their name, then don't expect me to be able to do anything about what sort of pictures are on this website.
Well, you have been warned. So proceed at your own risk. If you are in any way offended or peturbed by the content of this site as stated above, are homophobic, or for other reasons hate homosexuality, then I suggest not proceeding any farther than this home page. The image in the title and this warning should be enough to let you know just what this site is all about, and any flames that are sent to my email or posted in my guestbook will simply be laughed at and promptly ignored without being dignified with a response.
But, on the other hand, if you are an anime fanatic, and are obcessed with bishonen, yaoi, and shonen-ai, then PROCEED!

About School Boys

Well, obviousally, if you have read the warning above and the update, then I am guessing that you have already figured out that this website is anime related. But, not only is it anime related, but more specifically, its all about bishonen, yaoi, shonen-ai, and even has its own RPG.
Well, I have been working on this site and keeping it going for about four or five years now, so it has gotten a pretty good bunch of history going, so I thought that I might take the time to tell you a little bit about the history of School Boys, and what this site is all about.
When I first started up School Boys, it was orginally ment to be a yaoi rpg, hence the reason for it having an RPG Forum. At the time, I was having a hard time thinking up a name for my rpg, so I ended up calling it the first thing that came to mind, which was School Boys. Now, there are those who are the oldies but goodies, and then there are those who, in light of the name, took the rpg to be baised in a school for boys. But heres the not so big secret:
When I created School Boys, it was because I was sick and tired of joing rpg's only to have to read a list of hundreds of rules, and having to stick to only one setting. In the beginning, School Boys only had one rule, and that was "Respect others." It also had no set in stone storyline or setting. In other words, it was not me that installed the "school for boys" setting. It was just other people taking the title to mean that a school for boys WAS the setting.
The general idea was to give people the freedom to role play whatever kind of character they wanted, in whatever kind of setting or story they wanted. But, as time went on and I kept getting complaints. While the setting situation kept the same idea, I was forced to goto the boards, and post a list of pretty common scense rules. I pretty much have always trusted that everyone would be mature enough to just stick to the respect policy, and for the most part everyone had been. I just had to post the list of rules for those who were new to the forum, or just to remind people.
But, as of this new update, while this website is going to remain the home site for the School Boys rpg forum, I am going to start turning it into more of a web directory. There will be sections for images and wallpaper, along with a sort of...Links directory. In this directory will not only be listed the credits to the websites that I have borrowed images from, but there will also be listed links to different anime series or manga's, links to fanlistings, as well as some links to websites that focus on just bishonen, and probably some more stuff when I get around to it.
Anyways, this has been a breif history of the School Boys website, so I hope that it has helped to clear up any of your questions, and that you arn't still sitting there going "what the hell is this?"

News and Updates

May 26th 2006
Hey, look at this. Yet another update, and once again a new layout. You may be wondering where all the hot bishonen from before went, and don't get me wrong, they're still very much around, but I thought that a change of pace might be nice.
So, for the time being, I thought I would present you with the five georgious bishonen that make up the Finnish rock band The 69 Eyes.
Just like always after I do one of these updates, not all of the pages are likely to be up and running...Atleast not correctly, but hey, I'll be working on it.

August 8th 2006
Wow...Its starting to seem like the only time I decide to update ANYTHING on here is when I decide that its time to make a new layout. Ah, thats alright...Atleast I have fun doing it right?
Anyways...You arn't going to find many new things here besides the layout, and some things that have been moved around and such. The links page is still very much the same. But, for the time being, since geocities is being sort of an asshole when I upload images, I've taken down the wallpapers archive and the image gallery. I'll be working on getting those galleries moved to some sort of site like photobucket or something when I get more time. But for now, enjoy the new layout. The image is of Jyrki from The 69 Eyes, and I deffinately suggest that you check that band out! Not only are all of them sexy as hell, but they've got some fucking awesome music as well.
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