Name: Nicolette

Age: 17 [Saggitarius]

School: Idyllwild Arts Academy, with a major in film. Haha sounds pretentious, but it's not. Really.

Music [Types]: industrial, EBM, gabber, old sloppy punk, hardcore, 80's goth/deathrock, new wave/darkwave, black metal, skacore, select rockabilly/psychobilly (ie The Cramps), some indie/emo and random other stuff

Most Recently Listening to: babyland, einsturzende neubatten, KMFDM, dimmu borgir, at the gates, nitzer ebb, gorrilla biscuits, the locust, thursday, front 242, converge, darkest hour, slayer, refused

My Old Old Favorites: dead kennedys, the cramps, alien sex fiend, bikini kill, babes in toyland, sex pistols, the misfits, christian death, subhumans, sex gang children, rancid, rudimentary peni, operation ivy, circle jerks, the cure, minor threat (+many many more. music is what I do.)

Hobbies: industrial clubbing, punk/hardcore/etc shows, partying, beat poetry, the pursuit of essentially useless knowledge, fine literature (gay erotica like Dennis Cooper & Poppy Z Brite! Whee!), drawing, writing short stories, guitar, skateboarding in circles around my driveway, watching B-movies and quality cartoons, dreaming

Authors: I love reading post-modernism and horror. My all-time favorites are Kurt Vonnegut, Dennis Cooper, HP Lovecraft, Shel Silverstein, and Dr Suess.

Politics: I'm an extremeist in a few respects (well, at least to kids at my old school): Libertarian for the most part, anti-religion, anti-nationalism, etc. I'm also a here for further verifictation.

Loves: ice, diet coke, hallucinogens, music, horror, songs about satan, independent film, B-movies, weird-ass animation, crazy life stories, water, old skool everything (almost), friends, my crazy dreams and nightmares, *the sexy way rivets dance*, subcultures, anarchism, nihilism, heavy metal guitar, absurd poetry, art, cheesy gore, satire, delinquents, halloween, tiny enclosed places, rivetboots, synths, electric bass, fruit, cereal, drums, people who listen, red wine, weirdos, Rent, tea, bizarre 80's music, absinthe, top hats, cats, aliens, intellectuals, video games, comics and my screenplays


Hates: censorship, the drug war, political correctness, traditions, being ignored, fake/mean people etc etc, boring people, brainwashed people, organized religion, boredom, being wrongly accused, cops, macho assholes, alcoholics, George W. Bush, hangovers, heated arguments, ditzes, the truly jaded, the holier than thou, gother-than thou, punker-than-thou, preps, lack of freedom, my total and utter incompetence in every way, high school, high society, christian metal (<--haha what a joke!), miliant sXe people, and FAT UGLY OLD GUYS WHO HIT ON ME

Favorite Artists: Mark Ryden (<--hell yeah!), Winston Smith, Cindy Sherman, HR Giger, Dr Suess, Magrite, Salvador Dali

Favorite Poets: John S Hall, EE Cummings, Nicole Blackman, Billy Childish, Allen Ginsegberg, Diamandia Galas, Lydia Lunch

Favorite Directors: Werner Herzog (!!!), Greg Araki, Tim Burton [the early works], David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, Penelope Spherris

Favorite Animation: I love animation! Ren and Stimpy, Aeon Flux, Cow and Chicken, the Maxx, Todd McFarlynne's Spawn, Invader Zim, Powerpuff Girls, Adult Swim, Felix the Cat, Liquid Television, and ANYTHING by Bill Plympton!: [I Married a Strange Person, Mutant Aliens, The Tune]


All-Time Favorite Movies:

Nosferatu (both, but especially the Werner Herzog version!!), The Shinning, Sid and Nancy, I Married a Strange Person, MicroCosmos (AHHH!!), Waking Life, SLC Punk, Memento, the Doom Generation, Nowhere, Eraserhead, Night of the Living Dead (black and white 1960's version of course), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Suburbia (the Rojer Coorman version, of course), Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Yellow Submarine, Devil's Advocate, Idle Hands (<--haha i don't know why i like it so much), Natural Born Killers, Fight Club, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Cube, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, The Wall, The Fly, Psycho, The Haunting (The 1st One, from the 60's), The Omen II, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Glen or Glenda?, Orgy of the Dead, Aguirre--Wrath of God, the Exorcist, The Tune, Mutant Aliens, Akira, Princess Mononoke, Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction.


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