SIDENOTE:: I don't hate you for disagreeing with me if you do, but please don't lecture me with the morals you got off an infomercial. I get it ALL the time, I've heard everything you're going to say.


1. As someone who prefers peace to war, and a fan of art, equality, freedom of expression, freedom of sexuality, preservation of cultures, and pursuit of knowledge, I think Christianity is the single worst thing to happen to humanity so far. [dramatic pause]

I don't like religion in general, but I believe Christianity is the most destructive, due to huge moral flaws in its fundamental beliefs. No, it doesn't promote any nice ideas beyond the most basic of common sense. I believe that the best any religion has ever done is make a few people lie themselves into a false happiness based on FEAR and GUILT. Far too much genocide has been commited, far too much art has been suppressed and destroyed, far too many children have been beaten and molested, far too many cultures have been destroyed at the hands of the church. The worst part is that they believe it is their moral duty to spread their disease everywhere and to reproduce ceaselessly...

2. I'm very conservative in the fact that I don't think the government has the right to decide ANYTHING for me as long as I don't hurt or degrade anyone. I don't believe in censorship, the drug war, gun control, nationalism, the draft, propaganda, the military etc etc. You could say that I'm a libertarian.

3. Nationalism is TERRIBLE. It's just a gimmick to sell war. Anyone that is enough of a shitface to willingly shoot people and be shot for the glamour of a piece of cloth called a flag i guess deserves to die in war. I guess war is one of those Darwinian things: kill off the brainwashed meathead idiots. Thats why the draft is particularly horrible.

4. This isn't that extreme, but I figure I'll say it here: Like most people, I believe men and women deserve equality in the eyes of society and the law. The world still has a lot of sexism, gender roles in society oppress both men and women. Saying that there is still inequality should not be such a taboo. And it's important to know that society oppresses men very much. Think about it. The word feminist means you believe in social equality. Why is it such a bad word?

Oh-- and about the men being oppressed thing: Society does not want men to ever express emotion or affection. It wants you to risk your life over and over to prove manliness. If you feel like crying, if you feel like wearing a pink shirt, it is your fucking right and no one is in the place to tell you it makes you a less worthwhile human being, or less manly, or anything. Think about it. Who's to say whats manly and what isn't, you know? Having no emotion does not make you cool.

5. Numbers don't exist. Niether does logic. I can't back this up. :P Haha, nevermind.

I sound very mean here, but really I'm not. Really.

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