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A God Centered Family Of My Own
by John Guzman

Booneville 'Family'

~My story is different and at the same time all too the same. While attending the University of Calif. at Santa Cruz, my girlfriend, an adopted Korean, was expecting a visit by her brother. John GuzmanRonnie, she said, had been having a hard time adjusting to college at MIT and needed a break, so he was coming out to see her. Nervous at first to meet him, I soon relaxed as he talked on about a wonderful experience with the people of Creative Community Project out of San Francisco. He met one of them at the San Francisco bus station, was invited to a free dinner and spent the weekend at their communal farm in Booneville. There he did some light work alongside his new friends, listened to lectures on general spiritual principles and best of all, felt secure enough to share intimately with the others in this "Family". These people boasted they were going to change the world.

~I was at this time being exposed to eastern thought and devouring books like Autobiography of a Yogi and Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan books. So as Ronnie spoke on about his wonderful experiences with the "Family" I listened with greater and greater interest. One of the roommates heard the word Booneville and perked right up, 'that's where the moonies live, you must have hooked up with moonies!' Ronnie said he doubted it, as Moon's name was never mentioned. But it didn't matter to me anyway. Here was the chance to do something spiritual.

~By the time I attended my first free dinner/lecture I already knew of the Rev. Moon's connection. I had entered the Family knowing I would not be coming home anytime soon. So I made sure my backpack was full with as many spiritual books as I could carry. Unconsciously I must have hoped they might give me some perspective.


My Bible And Questions Frowned Upon


~Most of those at workshops had little or no religious background, let alone were lucky enough to have a bible with them when they joined the family. I can tell you the leaders did not like the fact that I had a New English Study Bible. And after the lectures my questions, although legit, were frowned upon. I soon learned if I wanted the love of the Family I had to join the Family. Who was I to question what the greatest man on earth had fought Satan to discover for me?

~Then there was the relationship with my girlfriend. Everyone knew we had joined the Family together and knew of our great love for each other. Only now looking back do I realize how troubling my future wife's and my situation must have been for the leaders. Both of us were loved and respected by many, especially the newer members, and to top it off she was of the chosen people Korean!

~Our centers unfortunately dealt with us as they dealt with everyone else they felt were too close. They tried to separate us. They wouldn't allow even a few minutes alone in fear I would 'oatmeal' my concerns. We soon realized that rhetoric aside this "Family" was not going to support our efforts towards creating our own personal God centered family.

~What happened over the next few months would change the lives of 3 people and could easily fill the pages of a book. And the other testimonials here at already cover much of that material. But suffice it to say none of us ultimately stayed in the Unification Church, nor did any one of our lives become cursed because we left.

Quite the contrary,


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John Guzman

1999 John Guzman



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