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~Damian Anderson is sometimes referred to as The Royal Typist (He may actually be the Royal Scanner :~) by Ex-Members on The Unification Church newsgroup alt.religion.unification where the teachings of Sun Myung Moon are debated. One look at his website: will tell you why. Hundreds and hundreds of documents, mostly transcribed speeches of Sun Myung Moon can be found there. Damian is loyaly typing and scanning away, determined to get his "messiah's" message out. I often visit the site myself, because as an online archive, there is no better place to get Moon's ridiculous, strange, off the wall and sometimes downright disgusting commentaries than Damian's homepage! After painstakingly combing through the speeches, I often come up with Moon's comments such as these:

Sun Myung Moon Quotes:

"In order to have a relationship with your husband you have to be married. Women who refuse to marry will be condemned to death. If you were to survive, the universe would eliminate you. This is the truth."

"Logically speaking, if any woman has small hips she is supposed to have small breasts as well. But usually it is the other way around. Even though women have small hips they have large, fully developed breasts. This means they are unbalanced. Whatever is unbalanced will eventually be eliminated by the universe."

"Therefore we can say that the life of Jesus was also a failure."

~What is incredible is that Damian is typing all day and night long, putting these speeches into the public domain and yet one imagines, that he never considers what these comments actually say! The uninitiated (non-moonies) would hear these comments and immediately recognize the mind of a maniac. Members though, have been through a complete "Moonie Molding Process", and have been trained to accept Moon's every word as law uncritically. That is terribly dangerous. I recommend Damian's site as one of the most complete pro-moonie sites available in America. Read Moon's speeches to your heart's content (or until your stomach can't take anymore!)


~Paul Ettl is an intelligent fanatic, and his and Damian's sites kind of mirror one another. Nevertheless there is some unique information on Paul's site (Pro-Moon of course). You can find it here:

True Parents Organization

~True Parents Organization is Gary Fleisher's attempt at giving Damian Anderson a run for his money as the most prolific Moon apologist on Earth. Lots of information (Pro-Moon) available for dissemination. If anyone can de-throne Damian, it will be him. But it will be a fight, because Damian is definitely out for himself in all of this. Damian wouldn't even put a link to this fellow-Moonie's site until I pointed it out myself on the moonie newsgroup: alt.religion.unification . It certainly wasn't oversight. Damian likes people to think that his site is the "Official" webpage of The Unification Church, but it isn't! That can be found here:

Divine Principle In Plain English

~John Godwin's Homepage is full of his own attempt to explain Moon's illogical and anti-Biblical teachings. You may find it useful as he has attempted to explain Moon's teachings in "Plain English". Someone needs to explain to John that Plain Logic is what Moon's teachings need, not Plain English! His site contains currently, seven books which he and his wife have written concerning the false messiah Moon. He has some interesting articles, including one in which he apologizes for what he admits were lying and deceiving moonies getting a well deserved reputation as such. also tries to offer a similar and lame excuse. It seems that there is another PR ploy underway, where members are admitting their misdeeds and deceptions, and yet they try and keep Moon's name out of the mud. In other words, they are claiming that Moon always wants them to be honest, it is just that some over zealous and rogue members have decided to deceive on their own. If I may be so blunt as to respond: YOU'RE FULL OF IT!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL LYING???!! It is shocking and sad that these people are still lying through their teeth! Well, it is what their belief system asks of them! Let's just say that these new lies by the Moonies have inspired to me to work on some articles PROVING that they are lying, and purposefully so! I have decided that "Documented Deception" must be an entire section on my website rather than just an article. There are far too many cases of this provable deception to limit it to one article! Briefly, as you peruse John Godwin's site, keep in my mind that Moon's followers deceive worldwide. Is it possible that this occurs without Moon's knowledge? On the contrary, deception is part of Moon's philosophy, and his followers eagerly obey Mr. Moon. In DP theology, Jacob stole the birthright from Esau, his brother. The Bible shows clearly that Jacob was punished for this by being cheated by a deceptive Father-In-Law that was 10 times worse than Jacob! After these trials, Jacob met up with an angel/God and the angel/God asked Jacob his name. For the first time, Jacob gave his correct name as a reply: "Jacob". This is significant because the name Jacob means "deceiver". In other words, Jacob had finally admitted to God he was a deceiver. For his new found honesty, God rewarded him with the new name "Israel" which means "Victor". But this is overlooked by the Moonies. What the Moonies see is that Jacob deceived and stole and was eventually rewarded! They leave out his repentance and admittance of his bad nature. Moonies especially love that Jacob's mother helped Jacob to deceive his father, after first deceiving the brother. This is the real heavenly way to Moonies. Heavenly Deception. Deception that is justified by God. At this point I would like to note that the Moonies have recently been the target of the largest consumer fraud investigation in the history of the nation of Japan. Imagine? A church, being the target (largest investigation in Japan's history) of consumer fraud. Why? Moonies allegedly bilked and threatened the widows of deceased men into giving over all their life savings, telling them that their husbands would burn in hell forvever if they didn't. The Moonies have been paying off multi-million dollor settlements because of the evidence against them. Moon is all too happy to spend this money collected dubiously. Also, I have many speeches where Moon encourages his members to lie. So, once again, deceptive moonies like John Godwin, lie to the public. They even lie about why they lie, to protect their false father Rev. Moon. Look for my powerful articles about this, coming soon!

Moon~LINKS Exhaustive Resource

~Moon~LINKS Exhaustive Resource Moon-LINKS Exhaustive Resource is The ultimate resource for finding information on Sun Myung Moon and The Unification Church, Pro or Critical, News Articles on Moon, Members and Ex-members on the web. Basically anything Moon-Related can be found there. Currently there are 200 Links there and it is added to monthly! If you haven't found what you're looking for.
You weren't looking there. :-)



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