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The Bible on the Origin of Sin:

Adam and Eve and Original Sin

~The Bible tells us a story of the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, whom God made and allowed to live in a paradise on Earth, called the Garden of Eden. God only gave one simple instruction:

Genesis 2:16-17

16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou latest thereof thou shalt surely die.

~And what happens? The serpent (who we know is satan) comes along and tempts Eve and she eats of the fruit and gives also to Adam. God of course is not happy and Adam and Eve and satan all receive punishments and are expelled from the Garden. That's the short version. Now, the Moonies have a different take on this story all together and claim that the whole story is really symbolic of some other sins, beside just disobedience. Let's review their philosophy on the matter:

Moonies on the Origin of Sin:

~It is the contention of the Divine Principle (DP) that the original sin was actually an illicit love affair between Eve and the Archangel (satan/serpent). It states that the trees mentioned in the Bible are not real trees but symbolic. They claim that the Tree of Life (T.O.L.) really represents Adam and that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (T.K.G.E.), really represents Eve. Furthermore it is revealed that the fruit of the T.K.G.E. is representative of Eve's love, according to the DP. Moon has gone so far as to say that the fruit is actually Eve's sexual organ. (I know, just bear with me on this). What happened in their view is that God wanted Adam and Eve to wait and grow to maturity before having a sexual relationship as husband and wife. That when God says don't eat the fruit , He means, don't have a sexual relationship. Very briefly (because it really is so easy to defeat this part of his theology) let me review the facts supporting Moon's claims:

1. Adam and Eve had been naked and unashamed , suddenly after the fall , they cover themselves and are ashamed of their nakedness. Why ? If not for the sin being sexual in nature.

2. The fruit of a tree is the reproductive part of the tree. "Fruit" in the Bible is sometimes used in a sexual context. So fruit can mean a sexual relationship.

3. God's "sign" for his chosen people (The Jews) , is circumcision. Isn't that strange that the symbol that is used to show that the Jews are God's people , is that the foreskin of the male sexual organ is removed ? It is symbolic of the cleansing or restoration of sexual purity in man.

~I purposefully chose not to dwell on their philosophy because it is enough to understand simply that they believe premature and illicit sexual encounters were the origin of the fall of man. The evidence that they are wrong about this is to put it gently: staggering. I will convincingly show that it is inconceivable that a sexual relationship was the origin of evil in the world, and I will also share some points that they often use in their lectures of this subject matter and show the process of deception and how they use it, often successfully, to induce people into their movement, by selling them a lie, that many accept and end up serving Moon all their lives for, though their "faith" all along was based on a fabrication.

Why They Are Wrong

~The first point we need to consider is this: Moon has stated that the nature of the fall (an affair with satan) was hidden for thousands of years, waiting for Moon to come and reveal it to us. In fact, Moon claims this as one of the qualifications for being the messiah. That he was able to accuse satan face to face with this information.

Let's Consider A Few Points:

1. Why are there two trees representing Adam and Eve, when Adam and Eve are already present in our story in the garden? That would make two Adam's and Two Eve's. But the Bible says there was only one original man and one original woman. God is not one to waste time. Why the overkill? When something is used to represent or stand in for something else, it is because the "original" is not there and is being represented or symbolized , by something else. Adam and Eve are already mentioned as being in the garden, it seems therefore illogical that they would also be represented by something else as well. Certainly, it is possible that the original objects and their symbols co-exist in the same illustration, but it seems quite unneccessary and adds nothing to our understanding of the story, God is not the author of confusion!

2. If Eve herself is the T.K.G.E., where does satan fit into this "alleged" sexual affair? The Bible says that Eve took the fruit "from" the tree. If Eve "is" the tree, that would mean she took the fruit (sex) from herself. If she did that her sin would be having a sexual relationship with herself, not with satan. Also consider this verse: Genesis 3:6 "And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat"

~Now, wait a minute. Eve "IS" the tree isn't she? So Eve saw herself (tree)?, that she(tree) was good for food? Eve was pleasant to the eyes for herself? They had mirrors back then? And if Eve "eats" herself (tree) she will become wise? Nonsense!

3. Moon claims that Eve is called the T.K.G.E., because with her sexual organ, she has the power to do either good or evil , based on whether she does as God says and waits until He gives permission to have a sexual relationship or not. But why not Adam also? Why is it only Eve's choice? Adam can misuse his body just as easily as she can. In fact in the 40 day training for the UC in NY, they teach that satan was practicing homosexual sex with the angels before ever bothering with Adam and Eve. If we accept that, then Adam could have fallen with satan too couldn't he? Yet Moon calls Adam, the Tree of Life. Shouldn't both be the T.K.G.E.? They both have the potential to, and in fact "did" fall.

4. Adam was with Eve when she took the fruit! It would be a little difficult for satan to have a sexual affair with Eve when her husband was right there , wouldn't it be? Genesis 3:6 ".....she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat." What did that say? "With her" Adam was with her when she first took the fruit and gave to him as well, while he was standing there "with her".

5. The Bible says that Adam and eve first had sexual relations "after" being put out of the Garden. It is only after being put out of the Garden that Adam "knew" his wife, which gave them a child.

6. Adam and eve were told to multiply and have children from the beginning. God didn't say they had to wait. In fact, He commanded them from the beginning to conceive and replenish the Earth.

7. God's commandment was absolute concerning the T.K.G.E. He said that "in the day you eat, you shall die" He didn't say "You will die today if you eat, but later I will change my mind."

8. Interestingly God never says don't eat from the Tree of Life. Why? Eve cannot have an affair, but Adam can? And why is the Tree of Life mentioned again in the Bible, but the T.K.G.E. never is? Does Eve suddenly disappear, while Adam gets to be the Tree of Life? Does Eve become the Tree of Life now? Then why was she called The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the first place? Oh right, because she has a choice to make and it will be Good or Evil. Why then is there no tree, later in the Bible when God restores everything called the Tree of Good? Moon says that he and his wife are the "true parents", in other words a restored Adam and Eve. So why is not there a Tree of Good in the Bible, representing a restored Eve? Yet there remains a Tree of Life?

A Few More Points To Consider

~It is their suggestion that the "only" reason that Adam and Eve would cover their nakedness was that they had committed sexual sin, but could there be any other reason? Yes, and there is. The reason is, that when man sins he is impure and unholy. God, on the other hand is perfect and has no sin. God's presence is magnificent and holy, the Bible says that we could die just to see God's face. When sin is confronted with holiness, our nature is to cover our sin. Covering our nakedness is an example of trying to cover our sin. Observe in the New Testament where Peter, who had been fishing without his clothes, suddenly reacts strongly to seeing the risen savior Jesus Christ when He appears to him in the boat:

John 21:7

"Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord. Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher's coat unto him (for he was naked) and did cast himself into the sea."

~When Peter, a sinner, was confronted with the perfect presence of God the Son, what was his reaction? He jumped in the water, to cover his nakedness. Why? He wasn't ashamed to be naked in front of the other men who had been there. Before the cross, Jesus had removed His clothes, making himself naked in front of Peter and used his robe to wash the disciples feet, and this too did not bother peter. But the Bible says that Jesus is God, that he cloaked (or concealed) His glory in Human flesh. Yet after He rose, Peter sees Jesus now, full of Glory and holiness , and confronted with his own sin, Peter is ashamed and conceals his sin by covering his nakedness. There was no sexual sin here. And neither was there in the garden, it is only sinful man when confronted by a holy God, that causes us to cover our nakedness, to cover our sin.

~Moon says that satan's crime has been hidden for thousands of years. This simply is false. Here is satan's or Lucifer's as he was first called, crime as described in the Bible:

Isaiah 14:12-14

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

~I will be like the most High. Lucifer (satan) wanted to be a god. That was his original crime. And what was man's? The same thing, wanting to be a god. Observe how Lucifer tempts Eve into "eating" the fruit:

Genesis 3:4-5

4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods

~What? satan tempts Eve with the exact weakness he himself had: The desire to be a God. And Eve falls for it and does eat and Adam with her, why? satan promised them that they would be as gods if they did. That is the original sin of both man and satan, wanting to be a god. Moon says sexual sin is the worse sin to God, but what is the first commandment? "Thou shalt have no other gods..." That is the worse sin to God. Serving false gods, and making yourself a god would certainly qualify. And interestingly, one of the most common promises of false doctrines is that you are, or can become a god!! In fact, Moon promises this to his followers as well. That they can possess deity. Or, be like gods. This promise, however, is not new, but a very old lie of the devil and one of his calling cards. That calling card is written all over Divine Principle teaching.


~Let me show you the process of deception and how it is used to the fullest advantage by the Lecturers of the UC when they are teaching on the Fall of Man:

~When an unsuspecting person first hears about this "modern" church, with a "new" revelation for modern man, many young seekers, are more than happy to go hear a lecture about "God". They get more than they bargained for however, when they are bombarded with concepts they've never heard before, cloaked in half truths to make it appear truthful, yet all the time full of deception and founded upon lies.

Here Is What Happens (I've Been Through It!)

~You sit down at a lecture and hear about God's beautiful creation and His plans for us as His children, you listen as someone speaks about the ideal world that God desires, full of love and beauty and truth and happiness. This part is easy and people are literally lulled into a false sense of security with all the talk of love and peace. Then comes "The Fall of Man", that we discussed above. This lecture is important, because it sets up all of Moon's other teachings. If someone can accept the above information as true, then they can readily accept all the rest, which ultimately leads to a proclamation of Moon and his wife as the "true parents" of mankind (a buzz word for messiah). It is very important for them to bring you to the point of accepting Moon, and as I said, it is this lecture more than any other, that sets up that goal, because it is here that we learn that it was sexual impurity that caused the fall, that there are three blessings that man must fulfill, the first being mind/body unity or perfection of self. Not coincidently, Moon's marriage ceremony is called "The Blessing", and it is only from being married by him that you can free yourself from the original sin and reverse the fall. So if you accept Moon's version of the fall, you necessarily, must accept his "cure" for the fall, which is the blessing only he can give. So obviously there is a lot riding on this lecture, because if it gets you, they've got you.

~They begin in Genesis with the Garden story that was mentioned above. They talk about the serpent and how he represents satan, they give some Bible verses to show that satan is referred to as a Dragon and as a serpent, then they ask you if there are any talking snakes today in the world? After a little laugh , you accept what they say , that the serpent represents satan (remember what I said earlier about when something is represented, it is because the original is not there? Interestingly, there is only "one" serpent, yet there are "two" Adam's and Eves, anyway , when you are convinced that the serpent is symbolic, they will then tell you that the trees are symbolic as well. Here is what they say "The Bible says that in the day they eat from this tree, they will die. Now, what kind of tree kills someone and continues to kill all the future generations of that individual's family? I've never seen a tree like that!" God is a loving parent, do you really believe that He would put a tree that would kill, and then make it attractive to the eye, and tempting so that man would want to eat it, and then stand back and watch to see if His children will eat this poisonous tree and never stop them when they eat, thereby killing themselves?"

"Would God really test his children by death? What about you? You are not as good or loving as God is, would you put poison in a cookie and then tell your children not to eat it because it will kill them, and yet just stand back and watch to see if they eat it behind your back, even though they will die from it? Would you test your children like that? If you wouldn't do that, how can we believe that a loving God will do that? It is simply inconceivable, and so we must believe that the trees are symbolic of something else. let's investigate what that could be..."

~After this tough sell, most people are bouncing off the walls not knowing what to think. It all makes so much sense. Why would God do that? You're stuck now. You've got to hear the conclusion. Your whole concept of God and the Bible are being shaken up and you are depending on your new "friends" to clear this up for you. Big mistake. It was those "clever" friends who put you in the state your in. It was so clever and subtle that most miss it. I did the first time, I ended up giving all my possessions and losing my ex-wife as a result, when I joined this "church" after 40 days of these hard sell lectures. But as I said, it is subtle, how did they deceive? Watch the process:

~They tell you that because the serpent is symbolic, then everything else must be too. Now, the serpent doesn't have to be symbolic, but even if it was, it doesn't mean that everything has to be symbolic. They have just "told" you that this "must" be so. And in a fast paced lecture, you are unconsciously, just accepting what is being said without a lot of room for criticism. You are told in the beginning to save questions for later and not to interrupt the lecture. It is not for "respect", it is so they can get the whole line in at one time, because one deception is going to set up the next one, and they can ill afford to be discovered deceiving too soon before the conclusion.

~OK, what's next? They have gotten a simple lie in: Something in the garden is symbolic, so everything in the garden is symbolic. Then they made it personal: Would a loving God "test" his children in this way? Putting a tree in the middle of the garden that kills. Would you put poison in your child's cookies?

~Whoa....stop right there. What happened? They made it personal. They "involved" you and your character and even your love for your own child! They said "Would you poison a cookie to test your child?" Of course you wouldn't! That's what is going through you're mind. I would never do such a thing, and what does that mean? God would never do such a thing! Now, you suddenly have become an "ally" with this lecturer and are seeing eye to eye with one another, you are now on his side, because, you "both" agree that God would never "test" His children in this way.

~What is totally missed though, is that nowhere in the Bible does it say that God was "testing" Adam and Eve at all. They created a situation that was nonexistent! God did not "test" Adam and Eve, He warned them of a danger in the garden. And warned them that if they ate it would kill. That is not a test and there was no mention of "testing" or even God standing back and watching to see what they would do. Imagine if your child was playing outside and got close to the road. You come out and warn the child "Don't go into the street, you could get run over by a car and killed!" You then go back inside, trusting that your child understood and will follow your warning. Was that a test? Did that mean that you secretly were testing your child, and if he gets run over "well he deserves it for not listening to me"? Well, that wasn't in God's mind either. He warned Adam and Eve much in the same way. But now the Moonies have convinced you that it was a test, and we bought it, but guess what? That's not their point anyway. You will be relieved when they tell you that a loving God will not "test" His children in this way. That's what you want to believe too. But once again. The Bible never says God was "testing" anyone. But now that they have created a "false" fear in you, and then relieved it, you are ready to accept what they really want you to accept. That the trees represent something else, namely Adam and Eve and sexual love. And you now, may very well accept it, when all the time you were snowed into it. By a subtle lie, a suggestion that God was "testing" us, All this was accomplished:

-You came over to their side.

-You were set up to want to know "the Answeer"

-You found yourself opposing traditional Chhristian belief (because they suggest that it is silly for Christians to believe that God would test his children in that way, even though that's not what traditional Christianity teaches, because the Bible never says God was testing us in the garden, but it doesn't really matter what Christianity teaches, just that you "believe" that it teaches something and then are willing in your heart to oppose it. What has happened is that now you find yourself set against the very faith you may hold and the door is now wide open for the Moonies to fill it with their philosophy)





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