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Satan Joins The Moonies!

Satan Joins The Moonies ~Sun Myung Moon has often said that he came to restore everything that was lost. Man fell from the beginning, Moon says, Satan had a sexual relationship with Eve and sin entered the world, passed down through the lineage so that all are born as children of Satan rather than children of God.

The Moonies are passionate about their belief that All will eventually be saved. Including Satan himself. Well, Moon's job to restore satan has suddenly become much easier: Satan Has Joined The Moonies!

Satan Works For Moon Now!

~Right about now, some of you must think I am joking or something. Right? Well, I'm not! Recently, Moon claimed that Satan has repented of his historic sins, and even wrote a letter to God and Rev. Moon (This is what Moon actually claims!) and in the letter Satan said he was sorry for his sins. He also promised to start working hard for Rev. Moon from now on. Well, sadly Rev. Moon has not made very much progress in saving the world with only God on his side, but now that Satan has joined the team, maybe that will change? Here is a direct quote from Moon where he claims Satan has repented and is now working for the Moonies:

Excerpted from: SUN MYUNG MOON
May 1, 1996 East Garden
Translator Peter Kim

This is the way we can liberate Hell. Hell on the Earth and in the spiritual world will be liberated. You are presently residing in the physical hell of your physical body. How can we liberate this physical hell and then the spiritual hell? Now Grandmother Hong and Heung Jin Nim are working together to liberate hell in the spiritual world. They mobilized the fallen Archangel Lucifer. Even Lucifer has repented and confessed and is now being used to work to liberate all those evil spirits in this physical world as well as the spiritual world.

Satan had repented Moon said. And so it was only right that Moon forgive satan and welcome him back into the family of God. Isn't it comforting for you to know that Satan is actually your friend and co-worker now? In a transcript of a prayer found on a Unification News Website in Korea, Moon had a little more to say about Satan, and he said it in a prayer to God:

Excerpted from:
True Parent's Prayer

You gave Satan a chance to indemnify the faults that he committed. He did not love humanity as God's children but rather stole them from God and turned them against Him. The time when God could command Satan to correct his wrongs and clean up the fallen lineage came when God gave him the ultimatum on March 21. Satan apologized to God and claimed he would support Him to create the ideal garden of love. He confessed all his sins before True Parents to be forgiven. He confessed and apologized all he had done wrong to humanity. Please, Heavenly Father, take pity on him as he is asking for forgiveness from You and True Parents.

As we, True Parents, unify heaven and earth, we bring peace between God and Satan and establish unity between God, Satan and humanity. We combined that unity into one single lineage of God.


Well, what can you say? Satan is even more than a friend now. In the words above, Moon has basically called him "family". Are you sure you members really want to stay in the Unification Church at this point?

You Can Safely Follow Satan!

~Satan and Moon have not just recently met, by the way. Oh no. They have been in quite a long term relationship. In fact, Moon has had some pretty fascinating (and bizzare) things to say about Satan over the years. He told his early followers that they could safely follow Satan. That's right. He told them that as long as they were sincere in following Satan, that Satan would not be able to handle their sincerity and he would eventually bring them to God himself. So, follow Satan, and he will bring you to God. I wonder what some of Moon's paid Christian Ministers would think about this guidance from Moon? Probably they wouldn't care, as those participating with Moon, do so because they share the same God: Money. Here is an excerpt that comes from a book by one of Moon's earliest followers, Won Pil Kim:

Excerpted from: Won Pil Kim
Father's Course and our Life of Faith
Chapter 3 - Mistakes

I'd like to tell you another story. Already 30 or 40 years before Father went up to North Korea there were religious groups there which had been prepared to welcome the Second Advent. Father visited one of them. One day he said to them: "If you believe Satan's word completely and absolutely to the end as God's word and if you attend him, even Satan will take you to God." Suppose you believe, learn and practice Satan's word completely and actually you attend Satan, Satan won't take you to himself but to God. Do you understand clearly?

I'll explain it, taking an example. Take one brother -- Mr. Tanahashi. Now here is another brother who believes in and attends Mr. Tanahashi very much. But this brother has a misunderstanding that Mr. Tanahashi is John. He has a firm conviction that he is attending John, even though he is actually attending Mr. Tanahashi. Then is Mr. Tanahashi happy or not? Satan knows why people are attending him: they mistake Satan for God and attend him just as earnestly as they attend God. They listen to Satan's words absolutely. Then Satan can't make them his own since they believe completely that they are attending God, not Satan. Therefore Satan thinks they should go to God, not to him; Satan leads them to God. Suppose we happen to believe and follow even Satan's word as God's word; as long as we believe and follow it completely, we'll be led to God not to Satan. Father had this much faith -- it's incredible, isn't it?

It's not "incredible", it's disgusting. And stupid too. The Bible says that Satan is a liar and a murderer, but Sun Myung Moon knows better than the Bible, and he is convinced that though Satan lies and murders, Satan would never be able to handle sincerity, and would politely bring people to the real God.

Actually, it is not all that surprising that Moon would be so close to Satan. They have alot in common. The name Lucifer (who became Satan) actually means "Light Bearer". And interestingly, Moon's name "Sun Myung Moon" means: "Shining Truth". But the Bible also shares that Lucifer (satan) is an angel that disguises himself as light, and appears as light, but that in actuality, he is a liar and deceiver. The Bible calls satan: "That Ancient Serpent", and "The Dragon". Similarly, Moon's name "Sun Myung Moon" (Shining Truth) is not the name he was born with. Moon changed his name when he decided to pretend to be the messiah. Moon's real name is: "Young Myung Moon" which means: SHINING DRAGON in Korean. wonder Moon loves Satan so much?




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