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The Unification Church


  • FORMAL NAME: "The Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity"
    Above is the actual name of the group known as The Unification Church. Obviously, the real name is a mouthfull! The condensed version came about very early on when a Moon disciple was asked the name of the church. "Unification Church" just came out, and it became the popular name.
  • FOUNDED: 1954 (May 1st) Seoul, Korea
    The UC was formally registered in 1954, but Moon was teaching before this time in a small hut he built himself, from dirt and discarded Budweiser Beer boxes. This was in 1951-52 and is considered Moon's first "church building" (SEE PICTURE).
    For years, the name for the Unification Church in America was first called The Unified Family. It was not until around 1971 that the name Unification Church was used in America. This practice of changing names for PR benefits or to disguise past public scorn, was a common tactic for Moon, which has continued to the present with yet another name change.


    Family Federation For World Peace And Unification

    Moon informally dissolved The Unification Church in a speech to members, several years ago, stating that the activities of The Unification Church would now fall under a New organization called The Family Federation For World Peace And Unification. There is nothing substantially different about this new organization, and in fact, most moonies understand clearly that all of Moon's projects are inseperable from one another. They are all considered "Father's projects" by most members. Yet, they will happily parade the new organization as if there is something really different about it. Why is that? I believe there are two reasons:
    1) It gives them hope. Many long time members have endured their service to Moon for decades without seeing any sign of the "Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth" that Moon has promised them since nearly the beginning of his ministry. So, to have hope is a valuable encouragement for them. Moon realises this, and it is my opinion that one reason he makes up new projects all the time is simply to keep the members pre-occupied and faithful, so that they continue working in his businesses for substandard salaries.
    2) The main reason, I believe that members are thrilled about the new name, is the very reason I believe that Moon created it in the first place: The horrible history and reputation of "The Unification Church", of the "Moonies" is something that even Moon realises will never change. Moon himself has given up on his church, and so being the opportunist that he is, he simply re-organized it, and changed the name, so as to not make the connection, in much of the public's mind, to the old Moonies. The members have endured ridicule too, when people know they are moonies. So they too, are all too happy to have a new name with which to approach potential recruits. This is clearly the motivation behind the name change, as it coincides with the public campaign to end the use of the word "Moonie". The term "moonie" only recently has been decided to be a slur by church leaders. Interestingly, I have speeches from some of the church leaders who have called "moonie" a slur, where they used the term in written and published articles. It is ALL P.R., simply public relations. As always, deception is believed to be acceptable for the cause of Moon in the world. The word "Moonie" however, can never be "honestly" considered by Moon's church to be a slur. Read my ARTICLE to see why.

    Unification Church Directory (HERE)


  • 1951
  • Moon Erects Crude Hut, Holds Church Services
    After Moon's liberation from Hungnam Prison, he returned to South Korea and built a crude hut himself, from discarded Budweiser Beer cases and mud. He begins meetings that could be called "church services" in this hut. This date also marks the beginning of "The Divine Principle" as written text. Moon begins writing and also dictating as another follower would write, the contents of Moon's teachings. It is clear from the historical evidence that Moon borrowed heavily, ALL the major points of "his" teachings. More information on this is available in Fast-Facts: Divine Principle

  • 1953
  • Church Membership Increases Significantly.

  • 1954
  • (May 1st) Seoul - Moon Formally Registers The HSAUWC
    Moon officially registers the "Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity" in Seoul, Korea. This is the "official" beginning of what would later be called "The Unification Church".

  • 1955
  • Ewha Women's University and Yonsei University incidents
    These events are attributed as the driving force behind later public criticism of Moon. Ewha Women's University dismissed five professors and expelled fourteen students, while at Yonsei University, one professor lost his position and two students were removed from the role. The cause was their refusing to leave the Unification Church. Reports at this time were flooding the Newspapers and media, that Moon was having sexual relations with his female followers. The church and it's members deny this to this day, even though many of them are aware of the student that Moon got pregnant. It seems clear that this information got out to the media, and the stories were based in Fact!

  • 1957
  • Churches In 30 Cities In Korea
    By this year, the Unification Church had established a presence in 30 cities and towns in Korea, according to Unification Church sources.

  • 1958
  • First missionary sent to Japan

  • 1959
  • (Jan. 2nd) Young Oon Kim Arrives In America
    This marks the first missionary to arrive in America. She quickly relocated to San Francisco, and established a UC presence there. Mrs. Kim is also the author of the book: Unification Theology Mrs. Kim was one of the professors expelled from "Ewha Women's University". She became a devout follower of Moon, and one book claimed that she was once married to Sun Myung Moon, but I have no other confirmation of that. It is an interestingly theory, however, that some deeper relationship existed between her and Moon, because it is very unusual that she never received the marriage blessing from Rev. Moon. This is unusual because as an adherent to, and a teacher of, Moon's theology, she knew that no one can go to heaven without receiving the "Blessing" of Sun Myung Moon. This is a story, yet to be told, I believe.

  • 1960
  • (March 16th) Moon and Hak Ja Han Are Married
    This was Moon's second or third marriage, but is considered the one that fulfilled Bible prophecy. You can read more on Moon's other marriages in the Fast-Facts: Sun Myung Moon section. Additionally, this is considered the beginning of what would later be Mass-Marriages, and a Moonie trademark. You can read more about these events in Fast-Facts: Mass Marriages section.

  • 1963
  • Unification Church Granted Tax-exempt Status
    Moon's church in America receives tax-exempt status.

  • 1971
  • Moon Moves To America
    Moon initates speaking tours, and takes up residence in America. It is after Moon's personal overseeing of his church in America that it really began to attract followers on a larger scale. Moon first came to America in 1965, but that visit was "unofficial" and the leaders were asked not to advertise Moon's presence at that time.

  • 1975
  • Missionaries leave for 120 Countries
    This marked the largest single undertaking to that date, for worldwide recruitment efforts.

  • 1978
  • (March 19) House Committee on International Organizations Hearings
    The Unification Church is accussed of working for the KCIA (Korea's Secret Intelligence) based on CIA and FBI intelligence reports.
  • 1982
  • Rev. Moon Convicted of Tax Evasion
    Moon is sentence to 18 months in prison and $25,000 fine. Not surprisingly, Moon finally got some "religious unity" when goverment interest in church money was at stake. Many religious leaders and organizations rallied around Moon at this time. They failed, and Moon went to prison in 1984.
  • 1985
  • (August 20) God and Freedom Banquet (Wash. DC)
    A huge banquet was held to welcome Moon out of prison. It was attended by 1700 ministers (church sources) Jerry Falwell was one of the main speakers, and called for Moon's pardon.

    TIMELINE, will grow to include many more Unification Church related dates and events. Some of the information you may have expected here, could be in other sections. Specifics involving Sun Myung Moon himself, for instance, would not be here, but in the Fast-Facts: Sun Myung Moon, section.




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