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Sun Myung Moon


  • BIRTH DATE - January 6, 1920 (Lunar Calendar)
  • BIRTH DATE - February 25, 1920 (Solar Calendar)
    Yong Myung Moon (Translated: Shining Dragon)
  • CHANGED NAME in 1950's TO:
    Sun Myung Moon (Translated: Shining Truth)
  • BIRTH PLACE - Pyung Buk-do in Pyongan Province, N. Korea
  • BIRTH ORDER - 2nd Son of 8 children
  • FATHER - Moon Kyung-yoo
  • MOTHER - Kim Kyung-gye


  • ELEMENTARY: Traditional Korean Education:
    -Chinese Writing
    -Confucian Ethics
    -Moon excelled in Calligraphy

  • COLLEGE: Waseda University in Japan
    -Moon studied Electrical Engineering, but ddid not graduate or obtain a degree of any kind.

    -Sunday School Teacher
    -Expelled from Presbyterian Church for teacching heretical doctrine.
    -Received no formal Theological Instructionn.
    -Claims direct revelation from God


  • Electrical Engineering Apprentice
  • Shipyard/Dock Worker


  • 1920
  • (January 6 - Lunar Calendar) Moon Born in North Korea

  • 1930
  • Moon's Parents Convert to a Charasmatic Presbyterian Faith

  • "Moon Revelation" TIME PROBLEM:
    One of the most important events in history according to moonies is when Jesus appeared to Moon who was praying, and asked the young boy Moon to continue Jesus' mission on Earth. There is discrepancy from even official church sources on "when" this occurred.

  • Was it 1935, Easter "time"?
  • Unification Church Website: The official UC website ( says that it was Easter "time" in 1935.

  • Was it 1935, Easter Day?
  • UC Member Website: 1935 April 17th "Easter" (Problem: Easter did not fall on April 17 in 1935)

  • Was it 1936, Easter "morning"?
  • UC Pamphlet on Moon's Life: One pamphlet from the UC on Moon's history claims that it was actually "1936" on Easter Morning.

    The "YEAR" is not clear:

  • Was it 1935 or 1936?

    The "DAY" is not clear:

  • Was it actually on Easter "morning" or was it just sometime around Easter "time"?

  • 1941
  • Waseda University in Japan
    Moon studies Electrical Engineering

  • 1943
  • Jan. 6 - Moon's Third Wife Born
    Co-Messiah and most recent wife: Hak Ja Han Moon, born in Anju-gun, North Pyongan Province.

  • 1943
  • 1943-45? Moon Arrested
    Moon arrested for "anti-colonialist" activities in Tokyo. (NOTE: This is not considered Moon's "first" arrest, by UC biographers.)

  • 1945
  • Moon's First Marriage
    First Wife: Sungil Choi
  • Japanese Occupation of Korea ends.
  • Moon becomes a disciple of "Baek Moon Kim"
    Baek Moon Kim, claimed to be God incarnate and wrote "Divine Basic Principles" and "Theology Of The Holy Spirit", which Moon borrowed many of his basic doctrines from. Kim was the head of "Israel Monastery" in Seoul. Moon followed this "other" messiah for 8 months, even though Jesus had supposedly already told Moon 10 years earlier that Moon was the new messiah!
  • Moon's "first" Arrest
    This is the date of Moon's "first" arrest according to UC Biographers. Moon was charged with using counterfeit money to buy apples.

  • 1946
    Moon left the house to buy rice for dinner for his wife and son, but claimed that God told him go THAT INSTANT to North Korea and leave his wife, without even telling her! Moon didn't bring any food home for his 3-month old son, and instead abandoned them without warning, and didn't return for 6 years. When he did return, he didn't bother looking for his wife, but built a hut made from discarded Budweiser Beer cases, and called it a church, where he invited people to lectures. Moon had looked up his old friends, but NOT his own abandoned wife! Needless to say, when she found out he had been back for so long, and never bothered looking for her after 6 years separation, she was not pleased. Christians had helped her with food and care for the baby that was now a six year old boy, who couldn't recognize his own father.
  • Moon goes to North Korea
    Moon went to N. Korea stayed with "Grandmother Park" she said that she was the "Wife of Jehovah"

  • 1947
  • Moon Arrested by "Public Security Department"
    Arrested for not having "Citizenship Identification Papers" and accused of being a spy for Syngman Rhee. Time of Soviet occupation of North Korea and just before Korea was officially divided into two states. This is the arrest where Moon biographers claim Moon was tortured and left for dead in a snowbank outside the prison, where "Won Pil Kim" a Moon disciple found him and nursed him back to health.

  • 1948
  • Moon expelled from Presbyterian Church
  • (February) Moon Becomes Prisoner #596
    Moon is arrested in N. Korea and sentenced to 5 years "Hard Labor" in Tong Nee concentration camp in Hung Nam for "Disturbing The Social Order" -Moon served 2 years 8 months.

  • 1950
  • (June) Korean War Breaks Out
  • (Oct. 14th) UN Forces liberate Hung Nam Prison. Moon is freed from prison in Hung Nam, according to the Unification Church, only one day before his scheduled execution.

  • "Execution Story" PROBLEM:
    According to The Unification Church, Moon was freed from the concentration camp the "day before" he was to be executed. There is a problem with this "story" though. The UC also claims that Moon was such a good prisoner and worked so hard that "all the guards respected him" and he even "received an Award" for being a "model prisoner". Simple math tells us that Moon was freed only half-way through his prison sentence! It remains to be seen, why a "model" prisoner, would be executed only half-way through his prison sentence? ...the lies thicken!

  • 1951
  • Moon builds First Church
    Returning from North Korea, Moon builds a small hut made from mud and Budweiser Beer cases, and holds church services inside, as well as makes it a residence (he still has not contacted the wife he abandoned).

  • 1951-52
  • Moon begins writing Divine Principle
    Actually it was Hyo Won Eu that "wrote" most of The Divine Principle. Eu wrote the text from Moon's dictations and notes. The English version of DP credits no author by name.
  • Moon's wife finds Moon
    According to a disciple of Moon's, Moon heard from his cousin where his abandoned wife was, but he didn't bother to go to her or his son. Finally, someone got news to her that Moon was alive, and living in Pusan. She took her son and climbed up many hills to get to Moon's hut. The disciple said that if was a very emotional moment when Moon's wife and son, saw Moon for the first time in 6 years. Moon had guests in his shack at the time, and instead of talking with his wife, he continued back with the guests as if she didn't exist. The disciple said she felt very hurt from this experience.

  • 1953
  • Moon Gets University Student Pregnant
    The source for this is a book by one of Moon's earliest disciples. The young girl's name is Myung Hee Kim. In the UC 40 day training, they affirm that Moon was married 3 times. I believe it is this young girl that they are calling the second wife, but it is my understanding that they never legally married, and that in fact, Moon was still married with the first wife when he got this girl pregnant. In any event, he sent the girl away to Japan to have the birth alone, because adultery was a jailable offense in Korea at that time, and apparently Moon had enough of jail already.

  • 1954
  • (May 1st) Moon Officially Registers His Church
    "The Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity" is registered in Seoul. This is considered the "founding" of Moon's church. It is called "Unification Church" to condense the long name.
  • Moon's "Love Child" Born in Japan
    The fruit of Moon's adultery came in 1954. Myung Hee Kim gives birth to Moon's son Hee Jin alone in Japan. There are numerous sources both inside and out of the church which confirm that it was truly Moon's son, and Moon accepted him as such. This is further confirmed by Moon in a speech I have, where Moon speaks of the tragic death of this son, in a train accident when he was 13 years old. This is all very well documented.

  • 1955
  • Ewha Women's Univ. and Yonsei University Incidents
    Ewha Women's University dismissed five professors and expelled fourteen students, while at Yonsei University, one professor lost his position and two students were removed from the role. The cause was their refusing to leave the Unification Church. Reports at this time were flooding the Newspapers and media, that Moon was having sexual relations with his female followers. The church and it's members deny this to this day, even though they are aware of the student that Moon got pregnant. It seems clear that this information got out to the media, and the stories were based in Fact!
  • Moon Divorces First Wife
    Around the time of Moon's adultery and the constant media reports of Moon's sexual misconduct, Moon is divorced from his first wife. One can only have very profound sadness for a woman abused to the degree that Moon did to this poor woman. She had raised their son faithfully, and alone for 6 years in the hope that Moon would return one day. She had been forced to move from home to home every six months to avoid ridicule for being a single mother. She had to work and raise her child alone, in a time when everyone would look suspiciously on such a woman. She remained faithful and a responsible parent, unlike her husband Sun Myung Moon. She did all this, and when he returned after 6 whole years had passed, he didn't even bother to look for the wife and son he had abandoned. To add insult to injury, he then committed adultery with a young university student, while still married, and reportedly had sex with numerous other female followers, publicly bringing the mocking scorn of the media in Korea. All this to the shame, humiliation and disgrace of Moon's faithful and neglected wife. Does anyone seriously believe this kind of man deserves the title: "True Parent" or "Messiah"?
  • Moon And Five Followers Arrested
    Sun Myung Moon and Hyo-won Eu, Hyo-min Eu, Hyo-young Eu, and Won-pil Kim were arrested and sent to Seodaemun Prison on charges of illegal confinement and avoiding the military draft.
  • (Oct. 7) Moon Aquitted of Charges
  • (March 16th) Moon Marries Current Wife:
    Hak Ja Han

    This marriage (unlike Moon's first two) is called "The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb". The moonies believe that this event is prophecied in the Bible (Revelation 19:7). It is believed that this marriage was the foundation upon which all UC marriages could be blessed. A month later, Moon selected the wives for three of his closest followers and "blessed" them in marriage also. This would be followed a year later by 33 couples until the present day where as many as 30 to 50 thousand couples have participated. (The church claims that 360,000 couples have been married at one time, but supplies no evidence for this claim. Additionally, Moon claims to marry people who are dead, in the spiritual world, and it is unclear if these "spirits" are part of the tally). It should be noted that Moon does not "legally" marry anyone, but instead these "marriages" are religious ceremonies. The couples will still have to seek a legal marriage after the "blessing". There is a FAST-FACTS section on Mass Marriage for more details, numbers and dates.

  • 1965
  • (January 28 - Jan.1,1966) 40 Nation Tour
    Moon tours 40 nations to create 120 "Holy Grounds" throughout the world. Holy Grounds are believed to be special locations where the "spiritual world" and the "physical world" meet, and communication between the living and the dead is more possible. They are intended to represent the claiming of "God's ground" symbolically until later restoring the "homeland" substantially.

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