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PLEASE NOTE: Only the names have been changed so as to protect privacy. Also, please note that not all the letters are kind (or even civil) and especially, from hardcore current members of the Unification Church, there may be vile language in some emails, but I wanted to offer a complete sampling of all the voluminous mail I receive on a daily basis. Thanks for your interest. :-)

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NOTE: This next email is from a current member of the Unification Church. She used the REUNIONS PAGE service of this site, and it worked! She found a friend from 30 years ago. There have been others almost as long, but this is the record (so far!).

~Dear Craig,

I just wanted to thank you -- I finally got in touch with a friend from 30 years back!!! Maybe your message board could be easier accessed from your home page site.

Thanks again.

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~Interesting gathering of information.Mostly negative of course. Thank you for your christian consideration to pray for the latest tragedy in Young Jin's probable suicide. Despite your bitternes and concerns re; the beliefs, I wish that you could exert some tolerance towards those who wish to adhere to his teachings and that you could perhaps move on. Are you adhering to a christian faith now? My faith in this movement and teachings is still there although I am not a strong open participant. I guess it is easy to knock down the idea of Moon as being the Messiah, but I must admit that I am still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If it is false, then you were right but please be also tolerant for your mother's sake at least. And please no pity. It is a gamble that some of us chose willingly. Maybe we are crasy after all. Maybe not. I guess we have to give our prayers to God on that matter. I am not saying that I have the truth anymore. I am not sure that anyone can as! sert this , not even the numerous christian denominations, philosophs or other religious faith. Anyways that is what I feel at the moment on these matters. Your ex moonie gathering is almost a moonie one with its poetry and reunion sections. However, the questions raised are valid. A bit of negative emotions as an undertone but at least there is a lot of research and not a relentless "evil empire" negative fanatical approach.

Thanks for your time in reading this,

Switzerland Flag

~Dear Craig,

I almost wish you were right, Craig, and I would rather happy to be a fool, who believe in Rev. Moon as the Messiah. Because in that case my mistake would be still a lesser sin than your desesperate efforts trying to go against the Messiah, if it is really Rev. Moon. I feel you are repeating John The Baptist behavior, but at the world level! because Internet is the world level.

I will pray for you too to see with God's eyes.

Sven Thorisen

America Flag

~Thank you very much! I truly appreciate your insights.

Paul M.

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My name is Jose Gonzales. I work in the state government of Baja California, Mexico.

By involuntarie reasons i was forced to studie as much as possible about the "Moon religion" or movement or whatever it is. I have the worrysome believe that this organization is penetrating Mexico thru my state. How can i validate this theory? What are the real dangers of the moonies placing their feet in this region of the world?

I wolud be greatly thankful for all and any information you could give in this unconfortable matter.

Best Regards
Jose Gonzales

Norway Flag

~Hello Mr. Maxim

I am an 18 years old girl from Norway who is writing a project about cults in school. I am a senior in a "high school" in Tromsų. Tromsų is situated far up north in Norway. I have red the book "Moonie" written by the Danish author Iben Melbye. It tells the story of a Danish boy who is backpacking in the States and becomes a Moonie. And it revolves around his Danish family's struggle to get him out. They have to kidnap him. This is a very good book, and it told me a lot about the Moonies. After reading it, I visited the Mooniecult's homepage which really sceared me. Just now I visited the and I quickly understood that you are a person who knows a whole lot about this cult. I am going to present this to my class, so I was wondering if you had some information that could be particulary interesting for us. Something shocking, and something that makes a bunch of seniors want to listen. Not that the cult isn't shocking enough as is it! Have you maybe been a moonie yourself? Do you have any interesting or shocking stories about the life as a moonie? I will be very grateful for all the info I can get.

Thank you very much

America Flag

This is a funny one. I had received an email from a guy that said that a bunch of Japanese women were flirting with him, so he would go to what he realized was a Moonie workshop (They called it something else, of course). He asked me what to expect at the workshop, and I told him: "Brainwashing". To which he replied "Oh, good, at least it won't be boring then. I encouraged him to arm himself by reading everything on my website, then I had a personal request. I asked him to put the question to the lecturer of whether adultery is wrong. Then I encouraged him, after the response from the Moonie lecturer, to ask if that applied to Rev. Moon too? And see what they say (I was curious, how they would deal with this!). He reported back, and it was hilarious!

~Mr. Maxim,

Went to the all day doctrine-o-rama last Saturday. I have rarely seen anything less persuasive, power-point slides in the service of complicating banal concepts and all. I won't belabor that. You've been there and done that beyond my ability to comprehend.

The speaker was Michael Marshall, supposedly a big Moonie from way back in the British branch offices. The remarkable thing is that Mr. Marshall seems to be fairly intelligent. It is hard to imagine that he was buying any of this. In fact, during a break I asked him "Now, honestly, do you believe everything you have just said so far?" He gave me a rather curious look and waffled admirably.

When it was all said and done and they passed out application forms for the Blessing 2000 and the Japanese women cooed all over me (Since I was one of only two non-moonie males there, the only non-anemic white guy and, hey, the pickings are slim so close to the Blessing 2000, eh?) I asked Mr. Marshall if the Unification Church really was founded on the idea of marriage, perfect families and eschewing adultery. I was assured this was the case.

You know the punch line.

I brought up Moon abandoning his first wife, knocking up Myung Hee Kim and the whole dirty business. When the rhetorical smoke cleared, after we did loop-the-loops around the definitions of ethical behavior and Mr. Marshall alluded to Kierkegaard what it comes down to is this: Since Moon is serving a "higher-good" he isn't obligated to observe his own ethical standards.

Big surprise.

The funny thing is that this echoes one of the classic lines attributed to J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, the ficticious clip-art figurehead of the Church of the Subgenius: "I don't practice what I preach because I'm not the sort of person I'm preaching to".

The difference is, the Church of the Subgenius is meant to be a joke.

Thought you might be mildly amused.







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