Orakel speaks About Xenogears & PSmplay;

Ever since i played through Xenogears for some years ago, it has come across my mind several times again, and i still after those years consider it to be the best playstation RPG iīve ever played!

I have always wanted to watch the Xenogears anime sequences & FMVīs again, but iīve never saw them all again until i came across this program called PSmplay.
Whit it you can watch movies/FMVīs ,view pictures & listen to songs and sounds and also save almost all media to your HD.
For example are all Xenogears pics on my site made by me and this program.

The program works for most of the playstation games out there.
And of course you have to have the game discs! ;)
You can download the latest version of this program at PSmplay site

Or you can D/L the version i have and use right here
(Itīs not the latest version, but i think itīs good)


Xenogears Mp3s

Sorry! All mp3īs is gone due to one of my other homepage was deleted because i stored Xenogears Mp3īs at it :-(


Icons & Wallpaper

20 Xenogears Character Icons


Misc (Midis & Links)


Xenogears Ground Zero



















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