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Heed thee now, o' seekers of truth. Do you wish to eat of the fruit of the Garden? Okay, enough philosophy. I'll warn you now. This page is VERY DARK. I don't cut corners in the fanfiction, and the art can get violent. This is no happy-go-lucky sunshine and rainbows MMX page. After all, the issue we are dealing with is war. Bad things happen to good people and the good guys don't always win. There is homosexuality, sex, corruption, and a myriad of other possibly taboo issues. At this point, I am RELEASING MYSELF FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY. If your six-year-old happens onto my page and you didn't know, don't come whining to me. If you dislike any of the topics discussed, you've no reason to enter. There is a significant enough warning here to disavow myself of any claim you may have against me. So enter if you dare, and remember, any and all flames will be given to Sigma. Why, you ask? Well, he's having his Maverick Company Picnic soon, and his grill is out of charcoal...

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