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Hello All! Welcome to The Infamous Den!

...my Home away from Home for the past few years. My online name, is Dancesonair...I am from the Grand State of Maine ...proud Mom to two beautiful daughters, Step-mom to two great sons, wife to a wonderful sweet man whose online name is Boo-Boo ...We all live together in a madhouse of activity, which includes 2  dogs and  one cat--- Chaos! Sweet Chaos!! My main interests are: this mad web stuff and chatting, reading, walking, canoeing, quilting and other needle-arts, sewing, painting, drawing ...and other such low impact sports ...oh, and I am as old as the hills! ....Now ...do me a favor all of you ...and cruise through the pages a while ... let me know what you think!


a very important thing about me-->

...Can't drink coffee without a spoon!

this weeks midi is

The Angler

"To the world you might be one person,
but to one person you might be the world." 

Papabear's got a web site too ...although he is a busy guy, and doesn't get to work on it often ... you can check it out HERE!

Yes!! There's

A Den !!



Watch Your step


These flowers are gifts from a friend I work with, and another friend from online, and have been on my web pages as long as I have been making them !

Thanks, Bob!

Thanks, Joe!

I am so proud of this award folks! It came , unsolicited, from my good friend Joe. Although I did start making web pages before he did...he flew by me in no time in terms of web design skill...learning html in no time flat...and his standard of excellence is very high. It means SO much, that he even considers my pages worthy of this! THANK YOU JOE!! Click the award and you can go see HIS pages! :o)


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