Bo the Border Collie Says,

"Goodbye Sweet Angel"


Goodbye to Tipper

By  Bo
(Dedicated to Tipper. May 2000 to Jan. 17, 2001)

Farewell, With Love

Tipper, my friend
how did the days end?

Into a wild dog pack born,
a neighbor captured you in early morn.

You learned to love and play, 
and grew more beautiful each day.

We were young and happy...
We wagged our tails together.

We played countless rounds
of tag with leaps and bounds.

To run and bark and chase,
our young lives making haste.

Now, suddenly, that's at an end,
and how I miss my friend.

Without you, we're most unhappy
with a gloom in any weather.

We think you're waiting at the bridge
and someday we will know...

Why death ran you down
to die alone on cold ground...

Oh, Tipper, how we miss you!
And we wish you could be here.

Rest well our beloved friend,
and at the bridge we will meet again.




Copyright 2000 by C. Gryting. All Rights Reserved.



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