Bo the Border Collie Says,
"You Need 
a Great Web Site!"

I like my Mum's web sites. You'll like them too!

Hello! Bo here again. Thanks for following along. I thought I might have to nip your heels!   (Just kidding!) Just for a moment, let's talk business ... the business of your web site!

Maybe you're asking why you should listen to a border collie about web sites? 

Each site is custom and unique.


Well, I'm not your average dog. As a border collie, I'm smart enough to notice a good web site when I see it. My Mum creates good ones!


Bo says Prices start at $75 for a Home page and $50 for each additional page!  Ask about our specials and package deals!


Just Look at These!

 Coming Soon: Miracle Farm Miniature Horses!
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(When you click one of the links above, a new window will open. Look around, and just close the window to return here. Besides good web sites, you'll get to see some gorgeous miniature horses and maybe some cute goats!)  


You Need a Great Web Site

Whether you have a ranch, a service or other business, a web site presents a professional appearance that gets you noticed.

Email us for more information.  Even if you're still shopping around for a designer,  my Mum will be happy to help you figure out the steps in getting a web site. To help you, she lists these steps on her web site. You can also visit my Mum's partner, Awesome Webmaster.





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