Bo the Border Collie Says,

"Giving Thanks
and Credit!"


Credits and Thanks

My Mum did all of the custom graphics on this site, like the logo, buttons, the dog bone divider, and the outside of the fireplace. For information on java used (like the fire in the fireplace and the slideshow), click on the specific piece and a link will take you to the source.  The horse image used for the Whispering Hope Logo came from a single horse picture in Microsoft Clip Art. 

For more general information on where my Mum gets her  inspiration and purchased materials (commercial graphics and applets), she said you should look at the Credits Page on her Whispering Hope Ranch Web Designs site. 

I want to thank everyone who has submitted stories to my Bedtime Stories page, and those who have signed my guest book. A big border collie slurp to my Aunt Patty of Awesome Webmaster for being the best partner my Mum could ever wish to have. 

My Mum also asked me to say a special thanks to her Mum, Barbara, for teaching her patience, hope, perseverance and love.

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